• Sasha Banks def. Alexa Bliss via Submission
  • Kevin Owens def. Finn Balor via Pinfall

The show may have only contained two matches, but it was not short of entertainment. Alexa Bliss looked incredible in the ring. Her in ring skills are far more interesting than the gimmick she was given. When she isn’t blowing glitter on her way to the ring, she’s hitting sunset flip power bombs hard enough to feel in your living room. And with Sasha Banks’ aggressiveness in this match, the first match of the night was good enough to put some of the guys to shame. A few botched moves didn’t take away from the experience since both Divas bounced back and handled themselves like pros. Great way to start the show off.

Owens and Balor’s match consumed the rest of the episode. The funny thing is it didn’t feel as long as it was. Owens dominated the match for the most part. Smart ring psychology helped set up a believable outcome for Owens to defeat Balor clean without making Finn look weak against him. It was a slow build at first until Balor was able to show some offense later. Owens worked his leg throughout the match in order to set up the finish later on. A great match between the two that could only add on to a bigger feud and a bigger payoff later down the line.

Aside from it only containing two incredible matches, this episode delivered the same quality fans are use to from NXT. The backstage segments were entertaining and pushed feuds along, while the matches were on NXT Arrival level. Great job to them for being able to give us less while still delivering more.