20150125_LIGHT_WM31_Match_HP.0.0WrestleMania is this Sunday. And with all of the excitement and mystery around how the most controversial main event in years will end, there is no better time to make early predictions on how everything will play out during the event. Here are my predictions for the WrestleMania card. And make sure to join me on twitter as I live tweet through the entire event. @SellinLikeZigger


  • Fatal 4 Way (Tag team Championship) = New Day

I feel like WWE has given New Day a decent push despite not fleshing out the group. Their characters and motivations may not have been developed well, but they have a decent amount of wins over a few higher level teams. WWE might put the titles on them in hopes that having the belts might get them over with the crowd. It seems like they are relying on New Day gaining a following by simply winning, so putting the titles on them fit their plan despite how flawed it is. I can’t imagine it going any other way aside from Cesaro and Kidd retaining the titles. With Jey Uso recovering from an injury, an Usos win is less likely. And I just can’t see a comedic team like Los Matadores winning the titles at WrestleMania.

  • Andre The Giant Battle Royal = Mizdow

As much as I’d like for Curtis Axel to win the battle royal in order to push along his Axelmania and Royal Rumble gimmick, I think the match will go to Mizdow simply because WWE doesn’t know what to do with Axel. Mizdow is currently the fan favorite to win it, and it would cement his feud with The Miz if he eliminates him for the win. Mizdow has a following now. And this match could be the one to finally separate him from The Miz. I feel like Curtis Axel winning would give him more of an edge considering his gimmick, but the treatment he received from Hogan on Raw didn’t do him any favors. As fun as it was, it probably hurt his gimmick more than helped it.

  • Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins = Orton

If this was any other event, my money would be on Rollins. I feel like Seth would find a way to steal a win and continue their feud. But WrestleMania is the place where feuds usually end. So I can see The Viper walking out with the win.

  • Rusev vs John Cena (United States Championship) = Rusev

I’m pretty sure I’ll end up wrong and this is just wishful thinking, but I have a feeling that Rusev will win and shock us all. Rusev has come in to his own as a talker and a major heel. Another win over Cena, clean or not, could solidify Rusev as a top heel in the company. But what better time for Rusev to take is first pinfall than at WrestleMania? Cena will most like win due to his storyline of trying to secure a rematch after his first loss to Rusev. But in the end, it comes down to if WWE would rather bring prestige to the US title or make Rusev a serious top heel.

  • The Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt = Wyatt

It all comes down to if this will actually be Taker’s final match. If it is, I think Taker would want to go out knowing that he put a younger talent over in order to give back to the business. Because that is the kind of guy The Undertaker is. He’s made a few subliminal posts on his Facebook page that suggest that this might be his final battle. However, nothing is written in stone. I can’t imagine a reason for Taker to win and then retire afterwards. I have a feeling that if Taker gets the victory, we’ll see him next year as well. Win or lose for Bray, the match itself will be what elevates him to the next level.

  • AJ Lee and Paige vs The Bella Twins = The Bella Twins

I have a feeling the Bellas are going to win due to Paige and AJ clashing and causing themselves the match. To be honest, this entire match is pointless. The Divas championship should be on the line at WrestleMania. A tag team match between the four solves nothing story wise. And if WWE is going to give Divas a chance, then let’s see other Divas other than just these four on television more often. WWE could have at least given us a match with Natalya and Naomi as well considering their husbands already have somewhat of a feud going on in which they were sucked in to. WWE creative, you can’t give Divas a chance if you’re only giving certain ones television time while reducing the others to segments like accompanying Snoop Dogg to the ring.

                     But that’s none of my business.tumblr_n8x5mgISlJ1tfttc3o4_250

  • Ladder Match (Intercontinental Championship) = Dean Ambrose

Before the match became what it was, it was originally a feud between Barrett and Ambrose. Dean expressed interest in winning the title to bring prestige back to it like past champions have before his quest for gold turned in to seven man ladder match. A lot of people are expecting Bryan to win it, but I believe the entire match was set up to give it to Ambrose and elevate him instead. I could be wrong and WWE could ignore the original build up for Ambrose winning the title for a run with Bryan instead, but I feel like the IC title around Bryan’s waist will do less for him than it would for Ambrose to have it. We will just have to wait and see.

  • Sting vs Triple H = Sting

Bringing Sting in to the company only to have him lose to Triple H in his first match will do nothing for his character. It is simply not best for business. So the winner of this match has to be Sting in order live up to the build up and help keep him as the face of WCW for their video catalog.

  • Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns (World Heavyweight Championship) = Reigns

Brock Lesnar recently signed a new contract with WWE, which has lead people to believe that he will retain the title at WrestleMania. But I believe that WWE will give Reigns the win regardless and have Seth Rollins to cash in. That way, Reigns can still get the rub from beating Lesnar while avoiding the backlash of carrying the championship. What better time for Rollins to cash in than WrestleMania? He’d lose his match against Orton, but leave the event with the world title. Reigns would have the luxury of being the one who beat the one behind the twenty-one and one, and we will have a world champion that will actually appear on Raw on a more frequent basis.

Although I would like to see Reigns simply lose just to remind fans that a Royal Rumble win doesn’t necessarily mean a win at WrestleMania, it would mean that Lesnar would hold the title for longer with limited title matches due to his contract. Dealing with his schedule for a big payoff at WrestleMania is one thing, having him to retain for even longer just to lose it at some random show months down the line seems like a waste. So my prediction for the main event is Reigns getting the win, and Rollins leaving with the title. Let’s just hope WWE doesn’t drop the ball bad on this one and let Reigns get booed out of the building.