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The Results

  • Daniel Bryan def. Dolph Ziggler via Pinfall

What a amazing match and a great way to kick off Raw!! Ziggler and Bryan have a record of stealing the show. But this definitely has to be their best work on Raw so far. And the return of a heel Sheamus only added to the excitement brought by the the two.

  • The Lucha Dragons and New day def. The Ascension and Tyson Kidd and Cesaro via Pinfall

Just when you think things couldn’t get any better, we were treated to another five star match with New Day and The Lucha Dragons coming out as winners. The only thing that ruined the match was the crowd. Their unjustified hatred for New Day took away from a lot of the big moments performed by Kingston and Big E. But I think that was only the beginning of the crowd trying their best to ruin Raw. But other than that, The Lucha Dragons pulled off some impressive moves and New Day showed a little more aggressiveness to help match Cesaro and Kidd’s fast pace and The Ascension’s raw power. Another great match to start the show off with.

  • Damien Mizdow def. Stardust via Pinfall

A decent match. Mainly put together to show that Mizdow no longer needs The Miz. It was kind of short, but it can’t be faulted for that since it was only used to fuel a feud with another wrestler anyway.

  • Adrian Neville def. Curtis Axel via Pinfall

Kind of a squash match set up to show the Raw audience what Neville is capable of. I just wish WWE would actually run with the Axelmania angle instead of treating him like a complete joke. Curtis Axel is basically in the same place Mizdow was in before he started working with The Miz.

  • John Cena def. Dean Ambrose via Pinfall

After a few short matches, we returned to high quality action with this one. Cena and Ambrose put on one hell of a match completely worthy of a few more in the future. The crowd was completely against Cena, but I think he really made Ambrose look good in the ring. He did the same thing with Rusev, so I think Cena is currently being used to help new talent despite what people may think of him. Aside from a botched sunset flip by Ambrose, the match was good enough to keep the fans on their toes the entire time.

  • AJ Lee, Paige, and Naomi def. The Bellas and Natalya via Submission

This is basically the same match we had at WrestleMania aside from a fresh injection of Natalya and Naomi. The usual four were as good as they always are against each other, but the performances by the new additions brought the match to a new level. A really good Divas match, and proof that Natalya and Naomi need to have a few matches of their own.

  • Rusev def, Goldust via Submission

It was basically a squash match that allowed Rusev to remain dominant despite his loss the night before.

  • Randy Orton, Ryback, and Roman Reigns def. Kane, Big Show, and Seth Rollins via Pinfall

This match came off as a standard Raw match. The show had been killer so far, until we were treated to another main event with Big Show, Kane, and Reigns somehow getting the pin for the win. It seemed like the crowd was in to Raw until the main event. Then they completely lost interest and mostly only cheered when Ryback was in the ring. Other than that, they cheered whatever they wanted to and started a wave to keep themselves entertained.  It wasn’t a bad match, just probably the least interesting considering that we’ve seen this type of match before. And the crowd wasn’t shy with expressing their boredom.

Raw delivered with Brock Lesnar basically owning the show. The majority of the matches were top notch regardless of how the main event turned out. The only thing that took away the most from the show was the crowd. Sure, they’re allowed to boo and cheer whoever they want. But the main event didn’t deserve the sort of treatment it received. The crowd reaction is part of the fun sometimes. But it felt more like they were trying to hijack the show rather than enjoy it. Aside from that, it was the most enjoyable Raw so far this year. This episode, along with WrestleMania, was a solid reminder of how great it is to be a wrestling fan at times. WWE just need to do better with their main events and not rely on tag matches with The Authority to close the show so often. An amazing and close to perfect episode.