Sting-Crow-WWE-645x370On March 30th on the WWE Network, fans were given an exclusive interview with Sting after his WrestleMania loss to Triple H. At that moment, we witnessed a one time NWA World Heavyweight Champion and six time WCW World Heavyweight Champion state that he is willing to take anything WWE throws his way. The crowd cheers for The Undertaker as they voice whom they’ve love to see him in the ring with. They cheer loudly for Sting to step in to the ring with the one person even he has stated before that he’d like to face. In fact, a match against The Undertaker is one of the main reasons behind Sting signing with WWE according to him. But instead of acknowledging the fans, Sting is forced simply state that he is open to anything as if he has to beg WWE for work. The entire interview came off like WWE awkwardly shoved Sting in front of a camera with absolutely nothing to say, and it clearly showed that WWE does not have a clue as to how Sting could be used effectively.

Fans were treated to a match we never asked for and told that it was a dream match we’ve been waiting for. The only reason fans were excited about the match was for the fact that Sting would receive his first WWE win before moving on to a match we actually wanted to see. But not only did Triple H put himself over on Sting for absolutely no reason at all, it seems like WWE actually has no future plans for him at the moment. Sting was brought in, built up to draw nostalgia, branded as the last of WCW despite actually stating that he wasn’t interested in avenging the company, only to lose his first match to the COO of the company and told to go away until they feel like using him again. It’s an extremely insulting way to treat a man who has done nothing but give back to the business of professional wrestling.

To truly understand how WWE has misused and underestimated Sting, you will have to start from the beginning. WWE, and Triple H, have a superiority complex. While Vince has avoided mentioning TNA, Triple H has taken it to the next level in the past and has vowed to never hire a performer from the company. This sort of thinking lead to WWE doubting that the current audience would relate to The Icon. That was obviously an idiotic thing to think. But as far as WWE is concerned, Sting was never in TNA because TNA doesn’t exist. And the audience doesn’t have a clue who he is anymore because he’s been gone since the end of WCW. So WWE’s creative team decided to alter his voice as if fans have forgotten how Sting sounds. After that, everything about the character was handled in a sloppy way with his story being as basic as possible. Sting wasn’t given any real motivation for facing Triple H just like The Game wasn’t truly given any motivation to still hate a company WWE now owns the rights to. Everything about the angle was a failure that was only overlooked simply because fans wanted Sting to get past Triple H in order to give us our actual dream match.

Sting’s loss comes from Triple H having an inflated ego. There have been stories in the past about how he views himself as a huge deal in wrestling. It has been stated by other superstars in the past that he believes facing him should be considered an honor. Mix that with the fact that Vince has recently taken credit for bringing Sting back to relevance, and you have a company that has no idea of what they have because there is a serious lack of respect for him.

So how do you kill an icon? You treat him like he isn’t one. You take credit for his popularity and use him when it benefits only you. Sting was once the face of a major company. Then he spent his most recent years giving back to the business while putting over younger talent in TNA. He avoided WWE and has turned down large amounts of money in the past simply on principle after seeing how WWE has treated others who have signed with them. But now that he has offically joined the company, and I think Sting just had his first taste of how things work there. Unfortunately, it’s too late and the damage has been done. Let’s just hope WWE’s creative team avoids dropping the ball on finally giving fans the match we’ve wanted for years. Because so far, it seems like the only people in WWE discussing having a Sting vs The Undertaker match are Sting and Taker themselves.