triple-h-all-the-titlesThere was a time in which I decided to give up on watching WWE for a while. It was during one of its darkest periods in its history in which one man completely dominated the company. So quitting the program was easy considering that I was never a huge Triple H fan. But I missed out on the self proclaimed “King of Kings” infamous reign of terror over the company. My viewing experience lasted only up to after Booker T was subjected to blatant racism on screen from Hunter leading up to him losing to Triple H afterwards. So after being disgusted with the Katie Vick storyline and how Booker T was treated, I decided to stop watching the product and missed out on the reign as it was only beginning to start. But I feel it is time to look back at it after witnessing Triple H put himself over Sting like he has done to so many other huge WCW talents in the past. Because the more I learn about the backstage politics in WWE, the more I’m starting to think that Triple H is one of the biggest problems in WWE.

I believe that Triple H is unable to make the best decisions for the company when given the power to do so due to his own ego. I also believe that his biggest accomplishment, NXT, has more to do with the personnel he has running it than his leadership. With Dusty Rhodes doing the booking and other past performers like Norman Smiley and Billy Gunn helping out with training and development, it seems more likely that Triple H has less to do with its success than he claims. Triple H has also made mistakes within WWE and has allowed Vince to take the blame for it. In his interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin after the reaction from the Royal Rumble, he claimed that he has less control over WWE than people think. The entire interview consisted of The Game basically putting the blame of the current state of the product solely on Vince while making sure fans associated his work more with NXT instead. And with all of the blame being put on VInce, it’s easy to forget that Triple H was the one behind the heavy handed push WWE gave to Roman Reigns despite Vince not agreeing with him at the time.

From holding back talent, punishing performers in the same style he was pushed for the MSG incident, and inserting himself in to the biggest moments in the company when he can, it all started with his first taste of power. Below is a video that I found very useful if you missed the reign like I did. It goes in to detail about that dark period and is very informative. I plan on using the WWE Network to relive the moments I missed. But until then, this will do as a great introduction to the rise of one of the most overrated professional wrestlers currently still in the business.