The Results

  • John Cena def. Bad New Barrett via Pinfall

As good as the match was, I wish the finish was set up a little better. I just felt like the AA should have came out of no where in a better way. Other than that, WWE has used Cena in the smartest way possible. A stronger midcard will only benefit the overall feeling of the show. And the matches Cena has had so far has definitely raised the bar higher for the US title. A great way to start the show off. I’d take a John Cena open challenge over a long winded promo from the Authority any day.

  • Paige wins the Divas Battle Royal

What a complete waste of time. WWE has basically only pushed the Bellas, Paige, and AJ. With AJ no longer with the company, the only person they’ve pushed besides the Bellas is Paige. Not only did the Battle Royal end just as fast as any other Divas match, WWE might as well have skipped to announcing Paige as the number one contender instead of putting on a charade like things were going to go in any other direction otherwise. And Naomi turning heel is the most ridiculous decision WWE could have made for the Divas division. With a long list of Divas that could shine in a heel position, WWE decided to turn one of their only true baby face Divas heel regardless of her being decently over with the crowd. What a waste of talent.

  • The Lucha Dragons def. The Ascension via Pinfall

The match did not live up to their previous work together. We can all take this as a sign that The Ascension have become jobbers for other tag teams. Another waste of talent for the night.

  • Randy Orton def. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd via Pinfall

It wasn’t a great match, but it didn’t stink up the joint. So what does it say about the tag team champions if one guy defeated them both on his own?

  • Dean Ambrose def. Adam Rose via Pinfall

It was basically a squash match. It was entertaining to see Ambrose in action, but he basically ran through Rose like nothing.

  • Stardust def. Fandango via Pinfall

Another squash match. However, Fandango got the biggest pop of the segment regardless of losing the match.

  • Seth Rollins def. Kane via Pinfall

This was less of a match than it was storytelling. But what doesn’t make sense is the fact that Kane let Rollins pin him instead of walking out like a bad ass and losing to a count out. The same rules would have applied and Rollins would win. And no one could dispute it since the Authority is making up the rules as things play out anyway. Another bad decision by WWE’s creative team.

  • Mizdow def. The Miz via Pinfall

A decent match to push their feud forward. Other than that, it feels like it is time for Mizdow to gain his own identity. I think he has enough charisma to separate from the Mizdow gimmick.

  • Ryback def. Luke Harper via DQ

Not a good match at all. Both Luke Harper and Ryback deserve so much better.

  • Dolph Ziggler def. Neville via Pinfall

Dolph Ziggler and Neville single handily saved the show from the plague of bad matches and bad booking throughout the night. My only complaint is that this match needed more time to play out. Other than that, it was another match dedicated to showing off Neville’s abilities. And boy, did he show them off in this match.

This episode was plagued with squash matches, bad matches, and really bad booking decisions. The night started off strong and ended with a great match, but everything in between felt like missed opportunities.There were a few moments in between that were interesting at least. Roman Reigns did a great job with his promo before Big Show attacked him. He’s more likeable when he is allowed to simply be himself. However, I can’t help but feel like WWE is going to ruin the progress he’s making on his own. I don’t believe in a rating system for a live three hour show. If I did use one, I’d probably dish out lower grades to Raw more often than I’d like. But this was a solid D grade episode. It didn’t completely fail, but it barely made it pass being just as awful as last week’s episode. I just hope the next one isn’t such a mess.