The Results

  • Dean Ambrose fought Luke Harper

I can’t call this a match considering it ended in such a sloppy way. The first match of the night proved that WWE’s creative team is still going through a phase of bad booking.

  • New Day def Lucha Dragons via Pinfall

The match was pretty good and had a surprising finish despite Randy Orton stealing some of New Day’s shine away. Having the group cheat their way to a win and gain heat only to receive an RKO immediately afterwards kills some of the momentum they’ve just gained. I understand that Orton needs heels to attack all night, but they shouldn’t do it at the expense of a struggling new heel group that they are trying to push.

  • Fandango def. Curtis Axel via Pinfall

Axelmania deserves a lot better than jobbing to Fandango. It seems like WWE loves to push the people fans can’t stand while ignoring the talent we connect with. Nothing against Fandango. He deserves some sort of push as well. What I mean is that I can’t understand why Santino was pushed while Axelmania is being ignored despite both of them having comedy based gimmicks. Or maybe I’m the only one who hated Santino.

  • Naomi def Brie Bella via Pinfall

This match was a case of two heels facing each other while fans tried to decide who was the least annoying out of the two. Naomi won the match, but Brie won the crowd due to Naomi’s ridiculous overselling as a heel. And what was the point of even making Naomi heel if their plan was for her to take on a heel team? And I think it’s time to drop the ridiculous finisher if Naomi truly wants to be taken seriously.

  • Sheamus def. Zack Ryder via Pinfall

What a waste of time. I feel like it served no purpose other than getting Sheamus over as a heel while trying to explain his turn. It didn’t do either well, and we still don’t understand why he turned. We could still care less for his heel turn because of the lack of story behind it. But it was nice to see ziggler though.

  • John Cena def. Kane via Pinfall

The match was filled with obvious spot calls and badly faked punches. I have to honestly admit that this match is the worse Cena open challenge so far. It served it’s purpose of showing that Kane wants more for himself now, but the match itself was very forgettable.

  • The Miz def. Mizdow via Pinfall

The only thing that this grudge has going for it is The Miz facing Mizdow at Extreme Rules. But the fact that WWE has given it away for free multiple times has basically killed the momentum for it. And a match for the likeness of The Miz should be at the pay per view, not the Raw the week of it. I’m not sure as to why we should even care about this feud at this point.

  • Ryback def. Adam Rose via Pinfall

A squash match with a joke at the end. That pretty much sums this match up.

  • Seth Rollins def. Dolph Ziggler via Pinfall

Definitely the best match of the night. Rollins even debuted his new finisher in this match. Aside from the finish with outside ring involvement, this back and forward battle basically saved the show.

Definitely the worse go home Raw before a pay per view in a long time. It seems like the product has lost it’s way. I didn’t really care for the outside ring segments other than Randy Orton’s RKO spree, and it felt like the show lacked any entertaining matches. The entire show, including the commentary, felt a little phoned in. This episode is not only completely forgettable, it feels like nothing in this episode matters enough to attempt to remember while going in to Extreme Rules. Hopefully, the follow up Raw after the pay per view will take the show out of it’s slump.