ss14_photo_163It was just announced that WWE has decided to ban the Curb Stomp used by WWE champion Seth Rollins due to high risk of head injuries. With Rollins using the move as his main finisher, WWE’s fear of multiple injuries is valid considering that the move is used so frequently. Other than the recent news of the move being banned and the removal of Rollins using the finisher in his entrance video, no other news about the decision to ban it has surfaced yet.

I have a feeling that there is more behind the companies’ sudden change of heart on the finisher than we know. Recent news of Daniel Bryan receiving a concussion spread right before the move was banned. And while the news about Bryan was denied by WWE and the timing could just be a coincidence, it seems like WWE is reacting to something behind the scenes. We will just have to wait and see how things develop in the future. It’s sad to see Rollins lose such an iconic finisher, but he can still hit the Phoenix Splash when needed in the mean time.