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The Results

  • Bad News Barrett def. Dolph Ziggler via Pinfall

A pretty good opener for the night before it ended with an outside distraction. Ziggler losing due to Sheamus continues their feud, while giving Barrett a much needed win.

  • Big E def. Tyson Kidd via Pinfall

The match ended before it could gain any momentum. But the heel work by The New Day is what made the match.

  • Ryback def. Bo Dallas via Pinfall

A quick match, but a decent performance on Bo’s behalf. Bray Wyatt finally came face to face with Ryback after a few weeks of subliminal promos directed towards him. Ryback is actually pretty good in the ring when given more than a squash match. This feud will only elevate both Ryback and Wyatt if booked right.

  • R-Truth def. Stardust via Pinfall

I have to admit that I didn’t see the ending coming. R-Truth scoring a win over Stardust is a clear indicator that WWE is finally starting to push him at least a little. He received a lot of TV time leading up to Wrestlemania, but this win proves that he’s not going back to being a regular jobber anytime soon. As far as the match goes, it was pretty decent for what it was. Entertaining enough to hold our attention even though the outcome seemed predictable before the upset victory.

  • Adam Rose def. Fandango via Pinfall

I can not express enough how bad Rose needed this win. But aside from an amazing front flip over the ropes by Fandango, the match wasn’t as interesting as it could have been. I’m just glad the two are being used better than they both have been lately.

  • Naomi def. Brie Bella via Pinfall

I’m still scratching my head trying to figure out where WWE is going with this feud. Are they trying to make the Bellas a face team? Because it’s too late for that.

  • Sheamus def. Dean Ambrose via DQ

What a hell of a match this was! Aside from Ambrose losing his shot at King of the Ring due to Ziggler’s interference, the match was more main event level than just an advancement match. It was obvious that the match would have outside interference in retaliation to Sheamus’ actions earlier, but Ambrose and Sheamus made the absolute best out of the time they were given before the logical finish.

  • Neville def. Luke Harper via Pinfall

After a lot of filler, we were treated to another outstanding match for King of the Ring. Harper and Neville worked extremely well together. WWE needs to hold on to the momentum they’re gaining with the quality matches the tournament is generating.

  • Roman Reigns and Randy Orton def. Seth Rollins and Kane via Pinfall

Definitely more of the same we’ve received recently. Kane and Seth Rollins are continuing their extremely predictable and boring feud within The Authority. The match itself was entertaining enough, but not one of the best matches on the card. Hopefully, we won’t have to deal with the inner bickering within The Authority much longer.

After a decent show the night before, this episode of Monday Night Raw brought intensity to the King of the Ring tournament and gave us a few outstanding matches. However, a three hour show will always struggle to hold on to the momentum built throughout the night while trying to hold our attention. This was one of the better episodes, and manage to keep us engaged for the most part. Definitely a step up from their most recent work.