• Neville def. Sheamus via Pinfall
  • Bad News Barrett def. R-Truth via Pinfall
  • Bad News Barrett def. Neville via Pinfall

Remember when the King of the Ring tournament was a big deal and its own official pay per view? Pepperidge Farm remembers. But aside from being an hour long show filled with advertisements for the network and a lot of filler to eat up time, the event delivered three good matches that easily displayed the potential and abilities of WWE’s midcard. Sheamus vs Neville was the highlight of the night despite the rushed ending. R-Truth vs BNB showed off Truth’s ability to still entertain in the ring even though he lost the match. The main event felt a little short and lacked the intensity of the previous matches, but that was probably due to the fact that both competitors were feeling a little fatigue. So it’s understandable that the final match moved in a slower pace.

Bad New Barrett deserved the win after what he has endured lately. He was on a brief losing streak before things pick back up for him recently. So winning the King of the Ring tournament was possibly the best thing for him to reach the level he was at before the whole Intercontinental championship angle leading in to Wrestlemania. But as far as the show goes, it could have benefited from being more of an official pay per view with build up than just an one hour show to promote the network. Because it doesn’t feel as important as it was in the past.