The Results

  • Baron Corbin def. Solomon Crowe via Pinfall

It wasn’t a squash match, but Baron Corbin dominated most of it. Solomon Crowe hasn’t had a chance to truly shine yet in NXT. Unfortunately, his new hair style and entrance music didn’t have an effect on his current situation. After the match, Rhyno and Corbin came face to face for the first time and set the stage for their match at Unstoppable.

  • Sasha Banks def. KC Cassidy via Submission

The Boss was in control of the match for the greater part of it. Despite KC Cassidy not giving Banks an extremely difficult time in the ring, her performance was decent enough to give us an entertaining match between the two.

  • Alexa Bliss def. Carmella via Pinfall

While the match may not have been as interesting, the ending helped push along the feud between Blake and Murphy and Enzo and Cass. The best part of the segment was when the crowd cheered “No means no!” at the end of it.

  • Adam Rose and Tyler Breeze def. Hideo Itami and Finn Balor via Pinfall

The match could have been better than it was, but it was only setup for the triple threat match at Unstoppable. Adam Rose has officially become a jobber and a joke for both the main roster, and NXT. Despite winning this tag match, he still found himself on his back in the end after getting knocked out by his own partner.

The episode served as just setup for next week’s event. It’s hard to judge it as a stand alone due to it only having an hour to give us matches while pushing storylines forward. It suffered from the time restraints it has. To be honest, there is no reason for NXT to contain commercials for the WWE Network, while we’re watching it on the WWE Network. It’s kind of redundant. I understand that it’s their way of making viewers aware of other programs on the network, but a prerecorded show should not have missing moments of the match like as if it’s a live broadcast. And the time advertising could be better spent on episodes that are heavily story based like this week’s.

As far as the episode goes, it was entertaining enough regardless of the match booking being used for setup for Unstoppable. And the ending with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn took their feud to the next level. A decent final show before NXT Unstoppable.