The Results

  • Finn Balor def. Tyler Breeze via Pinfall

The night started off with Finn Balor taking on Tyler Breeze for the number one contender spot for the NXT heavyweight championship. Originally sold as a three way match featuring Hideo Itami as well, the match had to go on without him due to an injury suffered earlier in the week. But with the unfortunate news aside, Finn Balor and Tyler Breeze killed it like always.

  • Charlotte and Bayley def. Emma and Dana Brooke via Pinfall

Emma still looks uncomfortable in the ring for some reason. I can’t really buy her as a heel just yet. Bayley did her part in adding fuel to her feud with Emma, but it was really Dana Brooke and Charlotte carrying the match for the most part. I’d like to see the two compete against each other in singles competition in the future. The match was really good, but it felt like Bayley vs Emma and Charlotte vs Dana Brooke would have been more entertaining. There were just too many wrestling styles clashing.

  • Rhyno def. Baron Corbin via Pinfall

Baron Corbin got the win over the wrestling veteran, but it didn’t come easy. Rhyno was able to put over the new talent while still looking strong in the end. Rhyno still looks amazing in the ring, and still comes off as a serious threat to anyone he face. So Baron scoring the win in a hard hitting collision between the two only serves to push Corbin forward while maintaining Rhyno’s status as a beast in the ring.

  • Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy def. Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady via Pinfall

Cass was the star of this match. Despite being a seven foot tall wrestler, he moves like a small guy. The match ended with outside interference from Alexa Bliss, but this is not the last time we will see Enzo and Cass take on the tag team champions. It also set up a solid feud between Carmella and Bliss.

  • Sasha Banks def. Becky Lynch via Submission

The match had a big fight feel to it, and it surpassed every expectation imaginable. Despite the show having a strong main event, Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch was easily the best match of the night. Stephanie McMahon was at attendance in the crowd. So let’s hope she learned something from the performance these two wrestlers put on. Sasha was as vicious as ever. She dismantled Lynch with surgical precision. Becky put on a great show and brought a lot to the table, but The Boss proved to be too much for her in the end. The back and forward shift between fast paced wrestling and sheer aggressiveness made this match main event worthy. The performance these two women put on was phenomenal, and they should feel extremely proud of themselves.

  • Kevin Owens versus Sami Zayn ends in no contest

The match itself didn’t last as long as it should have, but I think this was NXT’s way of writing Sami Zayn off the air until after his shoulder injury is healed. There were some really great moments from Zayn, but the storytelling after the match is what really sold the segment. The fact that Kevin Owens remained relentless against an severely hurt Zayn helped to solidify his presence as a dominant heel.

Now it is time to touch on the biggest moment of the night. I’m talking about the debut of the Samoan Submission Machine known officially as Samoa Joe. To be honest, I’m surprise WWE allowed him to keep his name. That might change in the future, but it looks like WWE is banking on bringing in Joe’s fanbase by marketing him by his well known name. NXT has become a bigger budget version of the indies, and seem to have collected a great roster of the most well known independent performers. NXT Unstoppable delivered the caliber of excellence fans have grown to expect. Like the name suggest, there is simply no stopping NXT from being the must watch wrestling promotion at the moment.Great work NXT, great work.