The Results

  • Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose def. Kane and Seth Rollins via Pinfall

It seems like Roman Reigns is inserting himself in to the feud between Ambrose and Rollins. They’re suppose to be friends, but it is taking some of Dean’s thunder away. If Stone Cold Steve Austin didn’t need consistent back up when dealing with the Authority, then Dean Ambrose can do without it as well. Let’s finally allow Ambrose and Rollins to feud without someone else getting in the way.

  • Rusev def. R-Truth via Submission

A squash match, and the beginning of the longest and most boring segment to not involve the Authority in a long time. This storyline does nothing for both Rusev, and Lana.

  • Ryback def. King Barrett via Pinfall

A decent match for what it was. Ryback sold his injury and pushed through the pain in order to get the three count.

  • Neville def. Stardust via Pinfall

The match never felt like it gained any serious momentum. Aside from an appearance by Stephen Amell, the match was forgettable.

  • Sheamus def. Dolph Ziggler via Pinfall

A decent match between the two, and definitely the best match of the night. But unfortunately, the Rusev/Lana novella we were forced to endure earlier spilled in to this match as well and cost Ziggler the win.

  • John Cena def. Zack Ryder via Pinfall

Possibly the worst open US title challenge we’ve had so far.

  • Tamina Snuka def. Paige via Pinfall

Tamina got the win, but she looked awful in the ring. Her selling was weak, and it seemed like she botched a few moments. Very sloppy ring work.

  • The New Day def. Every tag team ever via DQ

Okay, “Every tag team ever” may have been an exaggeration. But it was basically set up for Elimination Chamber. As for how the match came about, it seems like Kane had no reason what so ever to punish The New Day. The whole situation seemed out of nowhere and thrown together at the last minute.

The episode suffered from rushed storytelling and failed segments due to the limited time given to build up to Elimination Chamber. And while the wrestling segments were forgettable as well, the segments with Dean Ambrose and an appearance from Kevin Owens saved the show from being completely awful. The involvement of Roman Reigns in the feud between Rollins and Ambrose is giving me a heel turn vibe. Either WWE is simply gearing up to force him down our throats again, or he will cost Ambrose the title at Elimination Chamber. I really hoping it’s the latter. But as far as the episode goes, it’s a bad go home Raw before Elimination Chamber. Let’s just hope this was due to the rushed storytelling. Because WWE was on a roll before having to accommodate two pay per view shows within a single month.