The Results

  • Emma def. Bayley via Submission

The match was better than their recent encounters, and Emma seemed more comfortable with her heel persona this time around. Although the match was really short, Emma looked impressive in the ring. It think her time with the extremely arrogant Dana Brooke is serving her well.

  • Blake and Murphy def. Elias Samson and Mike Rallis via Pinfall

Althought Samson and Rallis looked decent in the ring, there was no way they were going to score an upset victory over the tag team champs.

  • Finn Balor def. Tye Dilinger via Pinfall

Dilinger showed an aggressive side before being stopped in his tracks by Balor.

  • Kevin Owens def. Solomon Crowe via Pinfall

Solomon Crowe looked amazing in the ring against Owens. But in the end, Owens overpowered him and dominated Crowe before hitting the pop up power bomb. We received a special guest appearance by Samoa Joe at the end before Kevin Owens backed out while mocking John Cena in the process.

The episode was filled with NXT’s top guys going against the lesser utilized members of the roster. Aside from Bayley vs Emma and Crowe vs Owens, it was very clear who would come out on top in the booking for the night. But that is not a bad thing considering that the point of NXT is to develop home grown stars. The episode capitalized on the fall out of Unstoppable and did its best to sell Owen’s match at Elimination Chamber. Overall, a decent episode for the matches provided.