The Results

  • Stardust def. Zack Ryder via Pinfall

Stardust vs Zack Ryder felt thrown together at the last minute. And while the match wasn’t bad at all, it was hard to ignore the obvious outcome of Stardust coming out on top. Zack Ryder will unfortunately remain a jobber for the rest of his career. And that knowledge sucks all of the excitement out of his matches regardless of if they are good or not. This match was just another example of that.

  • New Day wins the tag team Elimination Chamber match

The match was chaotic at times with everything moving too fast to keep up with. While some of the spots were impressive, some spots took entirely too long to set up. But amongst the chaos was a good match that ended brilliantly with The New Day piling on top of Titus to get the victory. The Primetime Players and The Ascension looked as dominant as ever in the ring. And as always, The New Day showed off their incredible in ring talent and capabilities. A great match to kick the show off with.

  • Nikki Bella def. Paige and Naomi via Pinfall

What an awful triple threat match. It was basically a match between Paige and Naomi with Nikki sprinkled throughout it for a few botches. The finish for the match was completely unbelievable. I hate to compare NXT to WWE once again, but this triple threat match was a clear example of the difference between divas and women. And a sad display of two decent performers having to work around the Divas champion’s short comings in the ring.

  • Kevin Owens def. John Cena via Pinfall

Not taking away from the main event, this was definitely the best match of the night. While Owens vs Cena seemed like a decent match on paper, the actual match exceeded every expectation. By far, this was Kevin Owens’ biggest match. And it also displayed his abilities in ways he had not been able to show off in NXT so far. WWE doesn’t like for its heels to perform acrobatic maneuvers on a regular basis due to the fact that it would impress the crowd; which defeats the purpose of the character being a heel. So while he has been billed as the next Brock Lesnar since his arrival, WWE fans unfamiliar with his work as Kevin Steen got a chance to witness why his signing to NXT was such a big deal.

I know this is off subject, but Vince Russo had made a few comments about both Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens recently. His criticism was that he feels both Zayn and Owens are not star material. This criticism is simply fueled by a lack of knowledge of their independent circuit ring work. But regardless of his opinion, its’ validity was definitely shattered when Owens convincingly defeated WWE’s biggest superstar last night. The match had great storytelling, and delivered a statement at the end that Kevin Owens has arrived in the WWE.

  • Neville def. Bo Dallas via Pinfall

The match suffered from following one of the best matches of the night. Neville vs Dallas wasn’t a bad match at all. It just suffered from giving us a Raw level performance right after the bar was raised.

  • Ryback wins IC championship Elimination Chamber match

A great match with a lot of good moments from Sheamus. Ryback got the deserving win in the end.

  • Dean Ambrose def. Seth Rollins via DQ

Cena and Owens may have stole the show with their in ring competition, but the biggest moment of the night was when Dean Ambrose scored the three count for the world heavyweight championship. The crowd erupted immediately after the ref’s hand landed on the mat for the third time to deliver the final blow to Seth Rollins’ run as the face of WWE. Although the title win was reversed in to a disqualification win, it clearly showed that WWE fans are more than willing to get behind a superstar if he is given the chance to naturally get over with the crowd. The reaction from fans was a definite indication that Ambrose should eventually win the title by the end of the year. Personally, it seems like WWE is using Ambrose to help get Reigns over with fans as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if we eventually see Ambrose vs Reigns for the title down the line.

Elimination Chamber delivered on one of the best pay per views WWE has put on in a long time. It seems like two of the matches outside of the themed gimmick of the night completely stole the show. The month of May was filled with great in ring competition from both WWE and NXT. Elimination Chamber brought an end to the exciting month in a way that made us all proud to be wrestling fans. When WWE is good, it’s damn good. And it was a reminder of how it feels to mark out over a few WWE moments with an authentic excitement fans have not experienced in a long time.