The Results

  • Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley def. Mike Rallis and Elias Samson via Pinfall

Although Rawley handled most of the match, the team of Ryder and Rawley seemed like a perfect pairing for the two. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a lot more from Ryder and Rawley in the future.

  • Emma def. Blue Pants via Submission

While it wasn’t a squash match, Emma mostly dominated throughout before eventually forcing Blue Pants to tap out in the end.

  • Tyler Breeze def. Bull Dempsey via Pinfall

This was less of a match than it was a comedy segment. I’m not sure where Bull is headed with this newly found gimmick, but it seems a lot more interesting than selling him as an unstoppable big guy. Baron Corbin, Rhyno, and even Roman Reigns have already filled that quota. So taking Dempsey in a different direction like having him actually attempting to lose weight will connect with fans more than his previous gimmick. We just have to wait and see how this story unfolds.

  • Becky Lynch def. Jessie McKay via Submission

Becky Lynch looked great in the ring. And Jessie McKay also proved that she’s nothing to look past as she controlled most of the beginning of the match. But despite how focused McKay stayed on Lynch, Becky eventually gained the upper hand and forced her to submit.

  • Baron Corbin def. Angelo Dawkins via Pinfall

Baron Corbin ran through Angelo Dawkins in a squash match.

  • Samoa Joe def. Scott Dawson via Pinfall

The match was slightly above being a complete squash, but Samoa Joe was dominant throughout. It was a great way of showing off his in ring skills while not giving too much away in his first NXT match. I guarantee we will see an incredible match between Joe and Owens next week.

Despite missing some of their bigger names in action, this episode of NXT still put on an outstanding show while showing off some of their lesser seen superstars. The backstage segments were funny and entertaining, while the in ring action remained at the level of quality fans have become accustomed to. A solid effort this week, and great build up for an epic match next week.