The Results

  • Kane def. Dean Ambrose via Pinfall

Kane was once one of the most dominate forces in WWE history. Now most of his wins are results of outside interference. The match was good, but it’s sad that it has come to that point. Ambrose basically had the match won before Rollins stepped in for the distraction. I can only assume that this was an indication that their feud is not over yet, and we can expect it to pick up again after Rollins takes on Brock Lesnar.

  • The Prime Time Players def. The Ascension via Pinfall

The Ascension put up a fight, but they are still stuck in jobber territory for now.

  • Sheamus vs Roman Reigns ends abruptly

*Match of the night*

Aside from the abrupt ending, Sheamus vs Roman Reigns easily stole the show with its intense, hard hitting action in the ring. Roman Reigns showed off his in ring improvement against one of the most dominant heels currently on the main roster. The match was back and forward from beginning to end before Bray Wyatt drew Reigns attention away from Sheamus. So far, Wyatt has brought something different to the table with this feud. It feels less forced and random. In the end, both superstars could benefit greatly from a running feud with each other. Let’s hope it doesn’t end with just one match and goes on for a while.

  • Neville def. Kofi Kingston via Pinfall

A good match between the two, but was mostly setup for New Day vs The Prime Time Players.

  • King Barrett def. Zack Ryder via Pinfall

Basically a squash match, and a well needed win for Barrett.

  • The Bella twins def. Tamina Snuka and Naomi via Pinfall

The only thing that made this match interesting was Alicia Fox joining The Bellas. Fox is great in the ring and knows how to draw heat as a heel. Her career, just like every other diva’s career on the main roster, has grown stagnant. Placing her with The Bellas for a long period of time would not only help her, but actually make The Bellas legitimately interesting again.

  • Ryback def. Mark Henry via Pinfall

A good match for the big guy. And a great way to show how versatile Ryback is.

  • Dolph Ziggler def. Adam Rose via Pinfall

Adam Rose has struggled to remain relevant lately. Dolph didn’t squash him completely, but it never felt like Rose gave him any trouble at all.

Best Moments

  • The mayor of Suplex City returned to kick off the show
  • Wyatt’s mind games with Roman Reigns
  • Rusev being comforted by Summer Rae
  • Kevin Owens and John Cena in ring promo
  • Ryback drops Big Show in the back
  • The Authority reunites to give Brock Lesnar a beating

Worst Moment

  • Roman Reigns awkwardly inserted in Terminator: Genisys footage

Although it’s one of the best episodes of Raw as far as storytelling goes, the episode once again suffered from a lack of truly entertaining ring work. With that aside, it seems like Raw has finally regained proper momentum after having to serve as a grounds to sell feuds for rapidly approaching pay per view shows. The show feels like it was given more time to breathe and entertain properly. Let’s just hope Raw continues the momentum it has built for itself.