The Results

  • Sasha Banks and Charlotte def. Dana Brooke and Emma via Submission

A great match to start the night off with. It didn’t last nearly as long as it should have, but it set up a great women’s title match for next week.

  • Solomon Crowe def. Marcus Louis via Submission

Marcus Louis has the potential to be a star someday. He has a classic look to him similar to George “The Animal ” Steele. But that didn’t prevent him from becoming a victim of a Crowe Bar submission. NXT hasn’t handled Solomon Crowe well. For a while, his abilities were wasted. It looks like NXT is finally ready to truly get behind him.

  • Aiden English and Simon Gotch def. Colin Cassady and Enzo Amore via Pinfall

With a new entrance theme, English and Gotch seem to have become a face team. Although I love Enzo and Cass, English and Gotch’s talents have been wasted by NXT for a while now. Becoming number one contenders was something that was long overdue for the team. As for the match itself, Cass stood out the most as he showed off his pure strength inside the ring. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to prevent English and Gotch from scoring an upset victory.

There are a lot of wrestling fans whom may have given up on WWE entirely. They may have remained fans of NXT, but have decided to complete avoid watching Raw. So if an NXT superstar were to have a really good match on Raw, such as in the case of Sami Zayn and John Cena, it would be understandable for NXT to replay the match on their show. But replaying a match that was aired on a WWE Network event seems a little redundant and lazy. Especially considering that the same event was replayed by the network right before NXT went on air.

Owens vs Balor was a killer match. But reshowing it on NXT, especially with commercial breaks inserted in to it to shorten it, was a waste of time and a waste of space for another new match. Fans of NXT could have simply watched the match in its entirety in the network’s on demand section. But with that aside, the footage of Owens reacting to his loss afterwards complimented the replay. But as far as the episode goes, they can’t all be winners. Not a bad episode, just a little forgettable at times.