The Results

  • Randy Orton def. Sheamus via Pinfall

The show kicked off with intense in ring action from Sheamus and Orton. Their chemistry with each other is phenomenal. The match was fast paced and did not let up in aggressiveness until the very end. Randy Orton eventually hit the RKO in order to put an end to what has been one of the best in ring feuds he has had in a long time.

  • The Prime Time Players def. New Day via Pinfall

The New Day and the Prime Time Players have worked well together in their feud. TND has used their ability to draw heat as heels expertly in order to sell PTP as the face team in their feud. And their matches together have delivered in fast paced excitement every time. This was no exception. It was another exciting match between the two teams, and hopefully not the end of a great feud.

  • Bray Wyatt def. Roman Reigns via Pinfall

Bray Wyatt gained a huge win over Roman Reigns, and reunited with one member of the Wyatt family. Wyatt mostly controlled the pace of the match, but Reigns had a few great moments of dominance before Luke Harper cost him the win. Awkwardly enough, the crowd turned against Reigns throughout the match. He usually receives a small, but decent pop from the audience when hitting the ring before eventually winning the crowd over during the match. But it seemed like this time the crowd was almost completely on Wyatt’s side during the match. It’s a good thing Bray scored the win in the end. Because I think the crowd would have actually booed Reigns if he would have. It was a great match, but it was also indication that WWE should probably cave in and turn Reigns heel. He’d benefit a lot more from it.

  • Charlotte def. Sasha Banks and Brie Bella via Submission

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment. We all know that this was simply an NXT match between two women competitors with Brie Bella simply there to make it less obvious. Brie was the least involved in the match and either spent most of her time outside the ring, or on the mat as Charlotte and Banks delivered the type of match NXT fans have grown accustomed to. So in other words, a great match between Charlotte and Banks, and a great job on Brie’s behalf for hanging around in order to be the one to take the submission in the end to spare both Charlotte and Banks.

  • John Cena def. Kevin Owens via Submission

There are only so many times two competitors can face each other before it becomes boring. Cena vs Owens for the third time is the limit. Anything afterwards would feel a little stale. So if WWE planned on giving Owens another title shot against Cena and simply gave John the win to end the feud in a tie, then the next match would have crossed in to the boring zone. But if this was the end of their feud, then Owens’ heavy push feels like a waste. The match, despite still delivering as always, felt like more of the same. It had a lot of the same spots as before, and felt like it was the least impressive out of the three they’ve had so far. And to top it off, the finish took away from the overall feel of it. I can see Cena defeating Owens with a second AA, but making him submit to an STF despite the fact that very few people have ever tapped to it was very off-putting. It’s extremely hard to buy, especially considering that it was not the first time Owens has found himself locked in it. But in the end, it was a great match with an awful finish. And is either an indication that WWE wants to milk a good feud for all it’s worth, or they are still unwilling to completely put new talent over Cena just yet. We will just have to wait and see.

  • Brock Lesnar def. Seth Rollins via DQ

It wasn’t a bad match, but it did struggle with the size and technique differences between Rollins and Lesnar. Brock dominated most of the match while Rollins simply held on for dear life. But overall, Rollins held his own against the beast and made his smaller size work to the best of his ability. But thirteen suplexes later, the real highlight of the match happened when The Undertaker made a surprise appearance. Although the match simply ended, it’s safe to rule this as a DQ.

Best Moments

  • We were treated to Sasha Banks vs Charlotte without having to see either pinned or submitted.
  • The New Day’s words of positivity before their match.
  • Luke Harper making a return to the Wyatt family.
  • The Undertaker giving Brock a “I heard you’ve been talking shit” look before delivering a choke slam and a couple of tombstones.

Worst Moment

  • Kevin Owens tapping to an STF.
  • The Miz and Big Show segment

Despite not having a selling lineup, Battleground was an amazing show for what it’s worth. It goes to show that the in ring action can make or break a pay per view in this age. Because the days of actually ordering WWE events are fading fast. Selling the WWE network is where the money is. And great wrestling matches are how it’s done. So I have to say that this was a solid effort on WWE’s behalf. A great show from beginning, to end. We will just have to see how the aftermath is handled on Raw.