The Results

  • Charlotte def. Brie Bella via Submission

A great match to start the night off with. There were a few botches from Brie Bella, but nothing huge enough to ruin the match. At the end of the day, it was pretty decent for what it was. And Charlotte continues to impress in the ring.

  • Los Matadores def. The Prime Time Players via Pinfall

The match was mostly one sided until The New Day got involved. It served mostly as a way to push the Prime Time Players’ feud with New Day along more than an actual match.

  • The Big Show def. The Miz via Pinfall

Basically, a squash match.

  • Roman Reigns def. Luke Harper via DQ

It seems like WWE is finally willing to give Bray Wyatt a continuing feud. Although the in ring action between Reigns and Harper was entertaining, it was mostly setup for the Wyatt family vs Reigns and Ambrose in the future. Speaking of Ambrose, WWE has to eventually move him away from Reigns. He will never grow past his Shield days if fans are constantly reminded about their past. I’d like to see both Ambrose and Reigns stand on their own eventually.

  • Sasha Banks and Naomi def. Becky Lynch and Paige via Submission

*Match of the Night*

For the first time in almost two years, Raw consisted of two Divas matches. And they were both viewed as actual entertainment rather than restroom breaks. Not only was the match amazing, Sasha Banks seemed as comfortable as ever in the ring. There wasn’t a hint of pressure from competing on the main roster. Her arrogance and self assurance fans have grown to love from her work on NXT was on full display during the match. The match itself was fast paced throughout while easily outshining anything WWE has done with the Divas division so far. Hands down, the match of the night.

  • Cesaro, Randy Orton and John Cena def. Rusev, Sheamus and Kevin Owens via Pinfall

This match could have won match of the night if it wasn’t for the fact that it felt thrown together. And with the heel team falling apart, it felt less like an engaging match than a chance to sell the heels in the match while giving the faces a chance to play to the crowd. Definitely not a bad match, just one that sends the crowd home happy while pushing feuds along.

Best Moments

  • The Undertaker kicking off Raw to address Brock Lesnar’s bragging.
  • Paul Heyman addressing The Undertaker’s comments.
  • The Undertaker brawling with Lesnar.
  • “I’ll kill you!” -Lesnar   “You’re gonna have to!” -The Undertaker
  • Seth Rollins reminding John Cena that he’s the world heavyweight champion.

Worst Moments

  • John Cena getting involved in Seth Rollins’ business.
  • The cheesy roster meeting by Triple H before the Lesnar/Undertaker brawl.

While an awesome show from beginning to end thanks to a few big moments from The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar, the show was mostly used for setup for SummerSlam. And that’s not a bad thing considering that the show’s main event is very promising. But with all of that aside, the show itself was very enjoyable. It’s just not a standalone episode as far as the in ring action goes.