The Results

  • Eva Marie def. Cassie via Pinfall

The match was awful from the very beginning. And while there are a lot of fans still against seeing Eva Marie in an NXT ring, she wasn’t responsible for how bad the match was. Cassie’s selling was weak, her ring work was sloppy, and Marie seemed like she was struggling to keep a flow going with her. The match was a bad reintroduction to Eva Marie unfortunately. However, Marie was able to show off her amazing finisher.

  • Baron Corbin def.Jesus DeLeon via Pinfall

A squash match. The most interesting part of the match was how the fans responded to Corbin.

  • Samoa Joe def. Mike Rallis via Pinfall

A squash match, but it showed off Joe’s abilities before he ran through Rallis.

  • Bayley def. Emma via Pinfall

This was one of their better matches against each other. It seems like Bayley is ready to move past Emma considering that she challenged Charlotte immediately after the match. Slowly moving her away from this feud is possibly the best thing that could happen to her. Because at the moment, she is the best choice for becoming the next NXT women’s champion after Sasha Banks is considered officially on the main roster.

  • Aiden English and Simon Gotch def. Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton via Pinfall

A great match between the two teams, and another victory for English and Gotch. They are being fast tracked in to finally taking on Blake and Murphy for the tag team titles.

This episode of NXT was more focused on setting up Owens vs Balor than anything else. However, it did sell Bayley vs Charlotte as well in the background. While it seemed like most of the card was squash matches, it did deliver in enough simple storytelling to hold our attention. NXT steadily remains entertaining week by week. Let’s just hope it can fill the void felt from losing some of their big names to the main roster.