HOGANVSWWERacism still remains one of the biggest problems in America. So it makes sense for a company as huge and well known as WWE to distance itself from someone currently in the headlines for extremely offensive and racist remarks. But there comes a point in which the punishment no longer fits the crime. Releasing an employee for racial slurs is the right thing for a company to do. But WWE went the extra mile by trying to wipe out any existence of Hulk Hogan ever being a part of their company. And now there are talks of even removing Hogan from the WWE Hall of Fame. So with all of the madness and panic over Hulk Hogan’s comments, it think it’s time for us to finally address WWE’s handling of the situation.

Dear WWE, here’s the honest truth. We get it. You’re against racism despite your flirtation with it in the past. After all, you did give us a black man dressed as a tribal cannibal, one dressed as a voodoo doctor before eventually repackaging him as a pimp, you dressed two men as black stereotypes and literally named them Cryme Tyme, and let’s not forget how Triple H used a lot of racist remarks towards Booker T before eventually beating him and sending him straight to midcard purgatory. I could use more recent events like JR’s admitted selling pitch to Vince to hire Gail Kim to capitalize on the popularity of Asian porn, but I think you get the point.

Distancing yourself from racist remarks is what’s best for business. But the overkill reaction you’re having is completely ridiculous. Hulk Hogan deserves to be removed from your website as far as merchandise goes. It even makes sense to take him off of your television programs. But you can not ignore his existence and connection to not only your company, but to professional wresting in general. Washing him out of your past while still allowing fans to relive DX in blackface for just $9.99 is a prime example of being overactive and hypocritical. No one should be removed from the WWE Hall of Fame for their personal views regardless of how negative and flawed they are. Because not only does it come off as an overboard attempt to gain praise for your views on equality, it also lessen the legitimacy of the Hall of Fame if a member can be removed at any given moment for whatever reason WWE feels fit.

So to conclude this message to you, stop pretending that you are far better than you are while still committing acts like blurring out Darren Young’s significant other’s face on TV. Hulk Hogan cost himself his image. And he has to deal with the consequences for his actions. Just continue with business as usual and make sure your product moving forward doesn’t connect to him. But as far as attempting to erase his history with the company and make an example out of him, enough is enough. Ring the damn bell.