The Results

  • Big Show def. Dean Ambrose via Pinfall

The match was a great way to kick off the show, and a great way to make Big Show look strong while avoiding giving Ambrose a pinfall loss. In the end, both competitors walked away from the match looking strong.

  • Neville def. Fandango via Pinfall

It was basically a squash match set up to push Neville’s feud with Stardust along. The highlight of the segment was how Stardust sold the comic book villain vs hero angle after the match.

  • Sasha Banks def. Paige via Submission

Sasha Banks once again proved how much she belongs in the WWE with how she worked the crowd. Not only did she come off as a believable heel, the match itself was incredible. Paige and Banks possess a type of in ring chemistry that has been missing from the Divas division in years. And it was a clear reminder that Paige, despite unfortunately finding herself grouped with the rest of WWE’s Divas for a while now, is an incredible in ring performer when she actually does have someone competent to work with. The match was back and forward, but Banks scored the submission win in the end.

  • The Lucha Dragons def. Los Matadores via Pinfall

The match was set up to push along The Lucha Dragons’ feud with New Day and the Prime Time Players. But with that aside, the match itself was highly entertaining on its own. The Lucha Dragons and Los Matadores both have a similar lucha libre wrestling style that mesh together perfectly. The match was fast paced and high flying until the end. Unfortunately, the awkward commentary from Prime Time Players and Byron Saxton took away from the match before The New Day completely took the focus off of it.

  • Charlotte and Becky Lynch def. Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox via Submission

After pushing the Bellas down our throats and giving Nikki Bella ridiculous wins over a long period of time, the Bellas have loss every Raw match they’ve had so far to the newest members of the WWE Divas roster. This match was no exception. Aside from Alicia Fox looking aggressive in the ring, the match seemed like there was no hope for team Bella to come out on top in the end.

  • Randy Orton def. Kevin Owens via DQ

The match was pretty decent before it ended with outside interference. It truly felt like it didn’t gain momentum until close to the end. I’d like to see Orton and Owens go at it in the future with more time given to them.

  • John Cena def. Seth Rollins via Submission

*Match of the Night*

Despite the match ending with John Cena establishing his dominance over the WWE world heavyweight champion, this was definitely the best match of the night. After suffering a broken nose, Cena was able to score the victory in the end with a STF submission. And while Seth delivered the entire match, I can’t help but feel like having Cena go over on him after challenging the legitimacy of his championship run is the most damaging thing WWE could do to Rollins. It is a clear indicator that WWE simply considers him as a place holder than an actual champion for the future of the company.

Best Moments

  • “We’ve seen enough of you Cena” – Seth Rollins
  • Dean Ambrose continuing to fight his way back in to the ring
  • Stardust promo
  • Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper promo
  • WWE 2k16 Terminator video

Worst Moments

  • The Prime Time Players on commentary
  • Rusev and Lana segment
  • Michael Cole forced to take time to sell the network

While most of the in ring action was great, this episode of Raw couldn’t live up to the amazing episode we were treated to last week. And while the slow build in to SummerSlam is appreciated, there is a lack of actual progress within the current feuds happening at the moment. Matches being interrupted seem less interesting than superstars cutting promos against each other. But aside from that, the episode delivered in enough action to be considered above the usual same old we’ve grown accustomed to. But the return of Brock Lesnar and possibly The Undertaker next week will definitely pick things up.