The Results

  • Team Bella def. Team Bad via Pinfall

The night started off with an amazing Divas match between Team Bella and Team Bad. And while Sasha Banks was clearly the fan favorite in the competition, Tamina showed off her brute strength with a few brutal kicks and clotheslines. With PCB on commentary, the match delivered the type of quality NXT fans are accustomed to from their women’s division. It’s nice to see that kind of intensity on the main roster. The Bellas may have scored the win in the end, but it was Team Bad and PCB left standing in the ring.

  • The New Day def. Los Matadores via Pinfall

The New Day has grown from being heels we all love to hate, to being one of the best things on Raw. Consistently funny and dangerous, The New Day defeated Los Matadores before clapping and dancing their way in to a fatal four-way for the tag team titles.

  • Randy Orton def. Kevin Owens and Cesaro via Pinfall

*Match of the Night*

Orton, Cesaro, and Owens brought their “A” game for this match! Filled with an barrage of uppercuts from both Cesaro and Owens, Cesaro using the big swing in to the Sharpshooter, and Randy Orton passing out Rkos like he was having a clearance sale on them, this was hands down the best match of the night. The only complaint I have is the fact that Orton scored the win in the end. I have nothing against Orton, and the main event was incredible, but I would have rather watched Rollins take on either Owens or Cesaro. It would have had a little more weight considering that it would have been the first time either man had challenged for the world heavyweight title. But in the end, Rollins would retain it anyway. So Orton scoring the win in this match wasn’t a big deal. I just wish we would have been treated to something new.

  • Luke Harper def. Dean Ambrose via Pinfall

It was crazy vs unstable in this match. Their in ring style clashed and came off as more of a fight than an actual wrestling match. But despite Reigns’ actions outside the ring in an attempt to keep Wyatt from getting involved in the match, Harper scored the victory with a clothesline strong enough to make even JBL a little envious.

  • Rusev vs Mark Henry simply ends

The entire segment was set up to embarrass Lana once again in Dolph Ziggler’s absence. I’m definitely not a fan of this jealous ex boyfriend storyline Rusev is currently involved in. It does nothing for everyone involved.

  • Neville def. King Barrett via Pinfall

Neville basically ran through Barrett in order to setup a confrontation between Stephen Amell and Stardust. The most memorable part of the segment was Amell’s involvement.

  • Randy Orton def. Seth Rollins via DQ

While a fast paced and hard hitting match, the thing that stood out the most was Rollins’ pure arrogance throughout it. From nailing Orton with his very own signature DDT, to using his own taunt against him, Rollins showed that he is a top heel that can stand on his own without any help from The Authority. However, Orton almost gained the win beforeĀ  Sheamus cost him the title. The match itself was incredible, but it would have been a better payoff if Rollins would have scored a win over Orton. Clean or not, Rollins really needs to show that he can stand on his own two feet before his feud with Cena continues.

Best Moments

  • The New Day celebrating in the ring with a few dance moves, Kofi’s signature clap, and Big E showing off just how jiggy he can get with it.
  • Orton telling Owens he’s gained some weight.
  • Ryback returns.
  • Stephen Amell set up Green Arrow and Red Arrow vs Stardust and King Barrett.
  • Rollins’ “You can’t see Knee” pun.
  • Fan shouts “You look stupid” clearly during Sheamus interview.

Worst Moments

  • Everything involving Rusev, Summer Rae, and Lana.
  • Michael Cole selling the network.

Rant Alert

I have nothing against WWE selling the network during Raw. It makes sense considering that the audience watching is the same audience likely to subscribe. It’s not like they are marketing it on another USA Network show instead. So it is definitely the right move to make. However, using the phrase “It’s just like Netflix, but better” to describe their product is extremely lame. The product should be sold as an original concept. Netflix is Netflix. Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and any other streaming subscription could be described as “like Netflix” in order to gain subscriptions. But this is an app specifically dedicated to wrestling. Fans can relive the past, enjoy present pay per view events, and watch the future of WWE with NXT. The WWE Network is a streaming network that celebrates WWE’s legacy. Simply comparing it to just another streaming service not only does it injustice, it sounds ridiculous hearing out loud.

My point is, you can’t sell Coke by saying it’s just like Pepsi every time you market it. WWE should embrace how different and unique their product is and market it appropriately. If I want to watch Netflix, then I’ll watch Netflix. But if I want access to professional wrestling on the fly, then the WWE Network is the place to turn to. Maybe if WWE wasn’t so obsessed with being entertainment, they would be able to sell the network as an actual wrestling app.

This episode of Raw delivered some amazing action inside the ring while continuing to push feuds for SummerSlam along. While missing John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and The Undertaker, the episode was able to stand on its own and entertain for a full three hours without it feeling like it dragged on for too long. The best episodes of Raw are the ones that make you forget about its long running time. So hats off to WWE for delivering such an adrenaline filled episode.