The Results

  • The New Day def. The Lucha Dragons via Pinfall

The New Day started the segment off with a little comedy at New York’s expense, and still manage to get the crowd behind them. And as fast paced as the match was, Xavier Woods playing the trombone outside the ring was the highlight of the match. Even the former tag team champions, The Prime Time Players, had trouble keeping their laughs in while on commentary.

  • Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose def. Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper via DQ

This SummerSlam rematch ended with the reveal of the newest member of the Wyatt Family, Braun Stowman. While the match itself was entertaining, it was Stowman’s gigantic and terrifying appearance that stole the segment.

  • Team Bella def. Team PCB via Pinfall

I think it’s safe to say that the fans have grown tired of seeing the same tag team matches between the Divas over and over again. The crowd made it known that they wanted Sasha Banks before eventually losing all interest in the match. It’s time for WWE to move on from tag team faction matches and actually allow the new Divas to give fans a few singles matches on par with what they were treated to at NXT Take Over: Brooklyn. Because regardless of how talented Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Paige are, the Divas division will become stale again if WWE doesn’t turn their focus back to the Divas championship.

  • Stardust vs Neville never starts
  • Ryback, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler and Cesaro def. Kevin Owens, Sheamus, Big Show and Rusev via Pinfall

*Match of the Night*

The match came off like it was thrown together at the last minute in order to push three feuds along at the same time. And as high impact as it was, the most interesting part of it was the epic RKO to Big Show afterwards. But it was a great match despite the circumstances of why it exist, and definitely the best match of the night.

Best Moments

  • Xavier Woods playing taps on the trombone as Big E and Kofi set up for the win. Basically, the entire New Day segment was amazing.
  • The Dudley Boys making their return
  • Braun Stowman making his debut and joining the Wyatt Family.
  • Brock Lesnar taking Bo Dallas to Suplex City until fans were like…


  • Rick Flair making an appearance to remind everyone that he’s God.
  • Jon Stewart taking an AA for screwing Cena out of the world title. (He’s the hero we deserve. Thank you Jon.)
  • Paul Heyman delivering another classic promo.
  • Sting makes an appearance!!

Worst Moment

  • The worse Miz TV segment in the history of WWE.

Rant AlertMiz TV is usually used as a segment to push along feuds. It’s the same formula every time. The Miz interviews two opponents before getting clocked in the face for being annoying. And then the two competitors go at it for a while. But the awkwardness from PCB and the complete lack of acting ability from Team Bella not only ruined the segment, it carried on in to their match and made fans completely lose interest in both teams. WWE’s “Diva Revolution” will suffer if they continue to deliver the same matches over and over again, especially if fans have to sit through The Bellas’ horrendous acting in the process. Charlotte and Becky Lynch are great ring performers and could benefit more from competing in solo matches against each other than being in a team that only exist as a counter to the Bellas. In other words, the Bellas represent everything that is wrong with the Divas division, and have gained a lot of go away heat from fans. As long as everything revolves around them, the Divas division will continue to suffer.

There are a lot of talk about WWE being upset with how fans reacted to Monday’s match between the two teams. Basically, they have no one else to blame but themselves. It’s time to either do something with their Divas, or get use to their tag team segments becoming restroom breaks again. Because a revolution is about change, not the same thing hidden behind new talent in the company. Basically, take the title from Nikki, put it on someone more interesting and without go home heat, and give us a break from the Bellas for a while.

Despite lacking a lot of in ring action, this episode of Raw delivered in surprises from beginning, to end! The Undertaker/Brock Lesnar fallout may not have been resolved, but we were treated to the beginning a few new feuds guaranteed to deliver an interesting experience at Night of Champions. This episode was more of a continuation of the amazing weekend of wrestling we were treated to than an actual stand alone episode. And at the end of the day, that’s perfectly fine. A great episode to set up what could be an amazing wrestling event in the future.