raising-dion1-620x356If you’re a comic book reader searching for something different than your typical superhero storyline, then Raising Dion is the perfect story for you. I takes on the origin story in an unique way. Instead of being from the hero’s point of view, readers are treated to a story that revolves around the complexity of a parent raising a gifted child to the best of her ability. And the idea of “With great power comes great responsibility” is taken to an entirely new level.


Imagine Superman, but from Martha Kent’s point of view. Or imagine Spiderman, but from Aunt May’s point of view. This is a superhero story, but from the parent’s point of view. But unlike her son, she doesn’t have any powers. 

Nicole, raises her 7 year old son, Dion, who has superpowers. Life was hard enough keeping up with the bills, let alone trying to keep track of her son’s invisibility, plasma powers, and telekinesis. In order to study his progress, Nicole films her son 24/7 with the help of her friend, Pat, who is an aspiring filmmaker. But when Nicole starts to notice mysterious men tailing her, and with Dion’s developing abilities constantly changing and becoming more powerful, she must find the courage deep within herself that she can raise Dion on her own.

If that wasn’t interesting enough, the comic has its very own short tie-in film on YouTube to give readers an idea of the tone of the book.

The most interesting thing about the comic book is the fact that Nicole plays a serious role in the development of a superhero. Because without her influence, Dion could easily grow up to become a villain. Not only is that concept is very intriguing, the tie-in film seems to hint towards Nicole’s influence on the line between villain and hero being explored.

Raising Dion is an indie comic available at http://www.dennis-liu.com/ for a free download of the first issue. However, printed issue sales will go towards the production of future issues. So you can support this amazing story at  http://www.indyplanet.com/front/?product=128905 So support this amazing story!