The Results

  • Sasha Banks def. Paige via Pinfall

Paige mostly dominated in this rematch from last week’s episode. But her efforts weren’t enough to keep The Boss down. Sasha Banks scored the win after Naomi provided a distraction.

  • Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose def. The Ascension via Pinfall

The Ascension never stood a chance against Reigns and Ambrose. It wasn’t short enough to be a squash match, but Reigns and Ambrose ran through The Ascension with ease.

  • Ryback def. Seth Rollins via Pinfall

If it wasn’t for the main event, this match would have earned the title of match of the night. Ryback proved that he can easily keep up with a top player like Rollins. Seth was also able to make the match incredible with a few spots. A great match between the two, and proof that Ryback is ready, and over enough, to finally compete for the heavyweight title.

  • Randy Orton def. Sheamus via Pinfall

Nothing against this match, but we have seen it a lot lately. Orton and Sheamus work well together, but their feud could benefit more by having the two face each other less. I’d rather see them go at it only at pay per views than on every episode of Raw.

  • The Dudley Boyz def. Los Matadores via Pinfall

The Dudley Boyz looked good in the ring, but they basically destroyed Los Matadores like nothing.

  • Cesaro def. The Miz via Count Out

A good match while it lasted. It was more about Big Show’s feud with The Miz than the actual match.

  • John Cena and The Prime Time Players def. The New Day and Seth Rollins

*Match of the Night*

The entire match was filled with adrenaline and comedy! Seth Rollins delivered some intensity, Big E and Titus O’Neil delivered in power, Kofi brought a little high flying to the mix, and Woods was as entertaining as ever outside of the ring! All of that, including Cena’s incredible performance, contributed to one hell of an main event to close the show with!

Best Moments

  • Seth Rollins’ opening segment. (Despite going on a little long before Sting showed up)
  • The Wyatt Family short promo.
  • Ryback acting out what was in store for Rollins during his promo. (I found it kind of funny)
  • Sting taunting Rollins throughout the night before destroying is statue.
  • Seth Rollins, New Day, Dudley Boyz, and Edge and Christian segment!
  • Xavier Woods performing the Final Fantasy theme on Trombone!
  • The Summer Rae/Rusev/Ziggler segment. (As cheesy and ridiculous as the new storyline is, it is a big improvement over their jealous boyfriend feud.)


Worst Moments

  • The Summer Rae/Rusev/Ziggler segment. (At the end of the day, it is still incredibly cheesy.)
  • The Bellas + Microphone =


The only word I can think of to describe this episode of Raw is vintage. It had a certain feeling of nostalgia from begging, to end. All of the back stage and storyline segments felt like something out of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. We were even treated to a sex joke from Dolph Ziggler that felt very out of place in this PG era of wrestling. Even the Lana/Summer Rae storyline feels like something ripped out of the 90’s era of professional wrestling. Perhaps the Dudleys and Sting contributed to the vibe. Maybe Edge and Christian added on to the atmosphere. But whatever it was, it was a reminder that WWE use to be incredible. And that feeling was enough to help a three hour show go by in no time. A solid (B+) for this episode.