12-roundsWWE Studios hasn’t had best track record when it comes to films. They are either mindless entertainment, or a complete waste of time. Luckily for Dean Ambrose, his first outing in film falls in to the former rather than the latter. 12 Rounds: Lockdown delivers in the pure action and suspense you’d suspect from any Die Hard themed film. And unlike the first film, which was actually from the director of Die Hard 2, it manages to keep its audience fully invested in to it from beginning to end.

The movie plays just like every Die Hard knock off ever. Dean Ambrose plays John Shaw, another disgraced character whom is tasked with saving the day. Shaw returns from medical leave after being shot, and has to cope with the fact that the majority of his precinct blames him for the death of his partner. While trying to readjust and jump back in to the swing of things on his first day back at work, he stumbles upon evidence of corruption within his precinct. His attempt to expose the evidence is ruined when Detective Burke, the crooked officer Shaw is attempting to expose, locks the building down with only his team of crooked cops and Shaw inside. Left with only twelve rounds in his clip, Shaw has to make every round count in order to make it out of the building alive.

The movie starts off with only a few setup scenes outside of the precinct before Shaw arrives. The film gives us a few scenes to show how rusty he has become while on leave before the bullets start to fly. After that, Shaw moves from one action scene to the next as he struggles to stay alive. The action wasn’t entirely over the top, but there are some adrenaline pumping moments that leave the audience wondering how Shaw will find a way out of his predicament. And at the end of the day, that is all the movie needs to deliver. It knows what it is, and doesn’t inspire to be anything more than that. And while any WWE superstar could have played the role of John Shaw by how he was written, Ambrose actually tries to make the character his own. A great job for a first time actor.

12 Rounds 3: Lockdown is a Die Hard inspired film that achieves exactly what it set out to. The acting is decent for the dialog given, the action is entertaining, and it has enough appeal to warrant a sequel. If you’re a Dean Ambrose fan, it is definitely worth buying on Blu-Ray. A solid B+ player.