The Results

  • John Cena def.Xavier Woods via DQ

Regardless of Cena’s ability to bring the best out of anyone, Xavier Woods was always an underrated in ring performer. But his talents were on full display during this match as he pulled a few innovative moves out of his pocket against the US champ. His off the ropes DDT alone proved that Woods has a lot of untapped potential in the ring. But unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to put Cena away. The rest of New Day prevented him from losing by pinfall, and kicked off a six man tag match.  Grade – B+

  • New Day def. John Cena and The Dudley Boyz via Pinfall

The New Day delivered a vicious beating to Cena after trapping him in the corner. Their chemistry in the ring is unlike anything else currently in the WWE. And with a few distractions, New Day was able to score the pinfall in the end and push their feud with The Dudleys along. Grade – B+

  • Big Show def. Mark Henry via Pinfall

The Big Show squashed Mark Henry in order to sell himself as a serious threat to Brock Lesnar. Grade – C

  • Team Bella def. Team PCB via Pinfall

While the beginning of the segment was awful until Paige saved it with actual interesting dialog, the match itself was pretty entertaining. But there was no way Team PCB was ever going to score the win after their fallout. So the segment ended with Paige walking out on her team and leaving them to lose to Team Bella. Natalya came out to reason with Paige, and suffered an attack from behind. It seems like PCB is about to turn in to NBC if Natalya becomes Paige’s replacement. We will just have to wait and see what happens next in the Divas division. But so far, Paige is the most interesting part of their segments. Grade – B

  • Braun Strowman and Luke Harper def. The Prime Time Players via Submission

The Prime Time Players never stood a chance against The Wyatt Family. Their offense was basically halted by Braun Strowman. Grade – B

  • Neville def. Stardust via DQ

Neville vs. Stardust is something we’ve seen for quite some time now. Wade Barrett’s return didn’t add much to the lack of excitement in this match. Perhaps if this wasn’t a match we’ve seen so many times, and if Barrett would had been handled better before he left, the segment would have gained a better reaction. Grade – C-

  • Randy Orton def. Bo Dallas via Pinfall

Randy Orton destroyed Bo Dallas with ease in this squash match. Grade – C

  • Kevin Owens vs. Rusev ends abruptly without a winner

The match started off interesting, but eventually turned in to a brawl. The match mostly served as fuel for Owens and Ryback’s feud. Grade – C

  • Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt ends in double count out

*Match of the Night*

Despite ending in a double count out, the match itself delivered enough excitement to keep Reigns and Wyatt’s feud going strong. Wyatt looked amazing in the ring as always. But Reigns delivered one hell of an performance inside the ring before all hell broke loose. It looks like he has found a wrestling style that truly works for him. Roman Reigns delivered a few powerful, and incredibly impressive, slams and suplexes to Wyatt throughout the match before it turned in to an all out brawl between the two. With a few huge spots outside of the ring, Raw went off the air with both Reigns and Wyatt out on the floor with “This is awesome!” chants filling the arena.

Best Moments

  • New Day interrupting John Cena before Xavier Woods challenged him for the US title
  • Cena trolling the crowd after receiving a huge negative response when arriving to the ring
  • All of the segments with Kane and Seth Rollins (I didn’t like the duel personality gimmick at first, but Kane is making it work well)
  • Paige’s promo to the ring about the Bella’s personal lives.
  • Paul Heyman and Big Show segment
  • The huge brawl between Reigns and Wyatt

I can’t think of a single segment offensive enough to categorize in the worse moments segment. Sure the Miz TV segment with Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and the Bellas was lacking in the acting department, but Paige was able to turn the entire segment around. So this episode of Raw was able to keep its momentum from beginning, to end. It sold the MSG event perfectly while keeping the audience completely invested in the show. After weeks of being on a roll, it seems like Raw is not only War anymore. Raw is actually good. I mean really good. And it is about time.