a32d81a8609a91a0c77c546e84c7e8ae_crop_northI have to admit that I haven’t posted a review of Raw in quite some time now. There are two reasons behind my lack of activity on this site. The biggest reason behind my absence is the huge move I had to make recently to a different location. The move took more time away from my schedule than I’d liked. The other reason is due to the fact that I have become bored with WWE’s product. And the break from having to write bad review after bad review was starting feel really good. Especially after having to endure how Paige’s storyline played out, the way Alberto Del Rio’s return is currently being handled, and how Reigns was once again pushed to the moon not even a full twenty four hours after Cena’s exit for time off (Seriously, an atomic bomb has more subtlety  than WWE). So it’s hard to blame a once die hard fan for no longer wanting to endure three hours of a mediocre product. But just when I was ready to use my Mondays for Gotham and other interesting shows (I’m a nerd. So no Monday Night Football for me unless it has another Star Wars trailer attached to it), this happened.

As awful as this situation is for Seth Rollins, and I do wish him a speedy recovery, this situation just made Reigns’ number one contender spot he just gained irrelevant if the plan is to crown a new champion at Survivor Series. Now we have to wait and see if WWE is going to use this situation in a smart way and use this as another way to screw Reigns out of a title shot in order to set up a bigger match for him later, or if their decision will be to have Reigns win his second tournament within the same month for a chance to gain the title. And there is also the question of how Sheamus will fit in to this situation considering that he still has the Money in the Bank briefcase.

I was ready to give up on WWE for a while. Especially after the news of The Young Bucks signing to Ring of Honor. But I can not think of a better time to stick with the product. There are so many possibilities for WWE to explore if they are willing to. They can either take advantage of a bad situation and turn it in to something amazing, or they can just push Reigns hard and solidify him as the new John Cena. Either way, I have to see the outcome of Survivor Series. And that is a big accomplishment considering how much I was done with the company.