The recent episode of Monday Night Raw, which was prerecorded due to taking place in Manchester, had a few noticeable edits to the crowd reaction for Roman Reigns’s segment. And while they were very minor and made sense considering WWE is currently pushing him hard, I think it’s time for us to discuss another way WWE has used editing over the years. But before we jump right in, I want to share an example story of this method WWE has used in the past.

Dolph Ziggler’s music hits. The crowd goes wild. Ziggler makes his way to the ramp and is greeted with a deafening reaction from fans. The crowd seems to be completely behind The Show Off. However, the televised version of his entrance has a different response from the audience. The crowd seemed less interested in his appearance, and fans at home are left unaware of the energy the crowd was giving off. Well as unlikely as this story seems, it’s actually a true one. This actually happened over a year ago, and Ziggler took to twitter to comment on it.


As odd as it seems, WWE has turned their product in to a fully controlled production that forces the fan aspect aside. Not only are fans ignored when it comes to the superstars that they choose to get behind, WWE has replaced fans completely in some cases with canned cheers and boos. There are more reports beginning to surface accusing WWE of editing out huge pops for Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens for television. For some reason, WWE has chosen which superstar they consider over with the crowd and have went as far as to censor them if they become over by themselves.

While this sort of thing might not be new to fans already aware of canned responses, a lot of fans are still in the dark as to how WWE edits crowd reactions. And while crowd edits are usually used to start “Feed Me More” chants, mask Cena boos, and attempt to make Reigns actually look over, the idea of removing positive chants for superstars they’re not interested in pushing can seem a little counterproductive and insulting to both fans and superstars. Because it’s hard to make new stars if WWE willingly edits out the reactions the crowd gives them.

So what are your thoughts on canned reactions? Doe it hurt the product, or improves it? Because it is slowly starting to become the norm on WWE television.