The Results


  • Kevin Owens def. Neville via Pinfall
  • Tyler Breeze def. R-Truth via Pinfall
  • Dean Ambrose def. Dolph Ziggler via Pinfall
  • The New Day vs. Ryback and The Usos end in a DQ due to a brawl
  • Roman Reigns def. Cesaro via Pinfall
  • The Dudley Boys def. The Ascension via Pinfall
  • Alberto Del Rio def. Kalisto via Pinfall


WWE was able to prove that sometimes the journey is far more entertaining than the destination. Despite knowing the obvious outcome of Survivor Series (Ambrose vs Reigns with Reigns going over), the level of storytelling and in ring competition was great enough to actually keep us on our toes. What should have been a night filled with matches solely set up for Reigns’ Survivor Series win was turned in to a night of outstanding wrestling. And proof that WWE has some of the best underused talent in the world.

Although Kevin Owens and Neville delivered another high caliber match with each other, it was Dolph Ziggler vs Dean Ambrose that set the bar high for the rest of the night. Fans were expecting a good match from the two. But what they received, however, was an actual wrestling match. It wasn’t until after the bell rung that fans became aware of the phenomenal level of performance they were in stored for. Dolph Ziggler was as great as ever, while Dean Ambrose showed off more in ring skill than he has ever displayed so far. Their performance was so back and forward, it actually made what was a sure outcome seem unpredictable. Ambrose scoring the win after an outstanding display of talent and then delivering a stellar promo showed that he definitely has what it takes to run with the ball if WWE was only willing to pass it to him.

Another exciting moment of the show was when WWE finally acknowledged Cesaro’s talent by having Triple H address him personally. But the only issue with the scene was that the focus was put entirely on Cesaro to go out and prove that he has what it takes. So WWE finally acknowledged a fan favorite and then allowed him to give Reigns an incredible match while expecting the crowd not to turn against Reigns. And it doesn’t help that Cesaro showed a sort of dominance that Reigns have never experienced before. And as WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin once said, “There are ways for someone to lose and still come out of the ring smelling like roses.” And that is exactly how Cesaro left the ring. It would have been a ballsy move to let him eliminate Reigns, but Cesaro could definitely benefit from the exposure. Wrestling is what he does best. So the smartest thing WWE could do with him after this performance is allow him to win, and defend openly, the US title.

But as good as this episode of Raw was, it ended on an extremely weak note. Charlotte proved that she is one of the worse talkers in the business today right before WWE used her brother’s death as something for Paige to exploit. I get that heels are suppose to be vile jerks, but WWE using a real death as part of an awful and underdeveloped storyline seemed out of place. No one really cares for their feud. Just trying to remember how it all started and how it eventually lead to Survivor Series is a headache in its own. With a storyline so filled with contradictions and forgettable moments, including the dropped Divas Revolution angle WWE is starting to avoid mentioning, it was a bad decision to end the show with poorly delivered dialog and insults directed towards the dead.

Aside from the questionable ending and the less interesting main event, this episode of Raw brought the type of action fans are craving. However, the arrangement of the matches on the Go Home episode left a lot to be desired. I can not understand how Cesaro vs Reigns was not the main event. And I would have preferred the show to go off air with Triple H talking to another superstar without the audio to hear what he’s saying instead of the ending we received. But after starting the show off with Bray Wyatt literally stealing Kane and The Undertaker’s thunder, I can honestly say that the show mostly maintained its high pace throughout. Maybe WWE might actually surprise us at Survivor Series. Highly unlikely, but just maybe.