With a card filled with only four matches that actually mattered aside from the Brothers of Destruction vs The Wyatt Family, WWE Survivor Series went off the air with their “top babyface” being booed out of the building. Ambrose, the fan favorite in the match, loss to Roman Reigns in what could be considered WWE’s most predictably obvious win in quite some time. However, Sheamus left with the belt and set up a future feud with Reigns that no one is looking forward to. Real solid work from WWE this time around.

Let’s analyze the issues with how Survival Series ended. The first problem is that fans are already tired of seeing Roman Reigns going after the title. That has been his main focus after the departure of The Shield, and WWE has not been able to capitalize on it like they have in the past with Daniel Bryan. Roman Reigns is not, and will never be, an underdog. So fans will never connect to him chasing the championship like WWE hopes. In fact, fans would rather have Reigns remain champion and get it over with than sit through another heavy handed build up to a payoff they never asked for. There is no clearer example of that than the crowd booing Reigns as he makes his way to the back despite the scene purposely being set up as a way for him to gain sympathy.

Another issue with the main event is that it was billed as two close friends having to battle each other for the biggest prize in the business. But in the end, none of it mattered. Neither one of them left with the title at the end of the night. What could have been an incredible storyline about the fallout between two friends after the event will instead be nothing more than Ambrose putting Reigns over and continuing his position of being Reigns’ wingman with the fans. What a waste of an epic meeting between the two former Shield brothers, and what a waste of a superstar that is already organically over with the crowd.

The road to Survivor Series was a predictable, yet interesting journey. However, the destination we arrived to was extremely disappointing. The WWE world heavyweight title was surrounded with buzz, but now fans are completely uninterested in it. It’s a shame that WWE has become so disconnected from their audience. And as ratings for Monday Night Raw continue to fall, their solution is to have Reigns continue his quest for the title as a heavenly booed face instead of a heel. Well, it’s time for all of us to admit that WWE is more interested in entertaining themselves than their fans. So let’s not get our hopes up, and let’s move on from our past relationship with the company. Because it’s changed in to something not geared towards wrestling fans anymore. And the sooner we accept that, the better we are in the end.