Last week fans were treated to some of the best writing and nostalgia we’ve experience in a long time. After years of enjoying a subpar  version of what most fans have grown up with, the creative team actually listened to their audience and gave us the product we’ve always known they could. From familiar faces returning from the past, to an all new storyline that moves forward while honoring the past, it was great to see something fans have loved for years return to form. But enough about Star Wars. Let’s discuss how WWE was able to sell us the same stale product while convincing sheepish fans to like it.

Now if you’ve read the title, you’re well aware that this article is about Roman Reigns in a negative way. However, I’d like to clear things up and state that this is not criticism of Reigns, it’s criticism of his current newfound fanbase. Because it seems like the same fans that booed him five minutes before he speared Triple H now thinks he’s the greatest thing to enter wrestling in a long time.

This hypocrisy has spread all over the internet as fans have finally got behind Roman. It has become so bad, even mentioning how he was booked entirely too strong will cause his new fans to attack you and label you a Roman Reigns hater despite saying the same thing weeks beforehand. But the truth is fans were sold the same old product as before. The only difference is that WWE used a different salesman to sell it to us this time.

WWE used the “devil you know” approach, and brought Vince McMahon in to help finally sell Reigns to the audience as a legitimate top face and world champion. But fans whom are not as easily distracted by a little razzle dazzle noticed that Reigns single handedly took out the League of Nations, kicked out of a White Noise and Brogue kick, and knocked out Vince McMahon all while winning the world heavyweight title. And considering that Ambrose and The Usos were there that night since they hit the ring afterwards to celebrate with him, we can only assume that they were left out from helping Reigns against the League of Nations in order to allow him to defeat the entire team on his own. In fact, the team only exist for the sole purpose of making Reigns look strong. But for some reason, all of those moments were ignored by fans as they willfully jumped on to the Reigns bandwagon. Well surprise, surprise. WWE has not changed, and it’s a little too late to jump off the bandwagon after buying it for over a week now.

This episode of Monday Night Raw started off with another awkward exchange between Stephanie McMahon and Roman. Two people whom are not particularly skilled in dialog had an exchanged that consisted of Steph ordering Reigns to leave the ring. But after refusing to do so, Reigns eventually leaves. Which for some reason, pissed Steph off causing her to order him not to leave. And just when you think things couldn’t get any weirder surrounding her, she dishes out a few slaps to a backstage interviewer (I couldn’t be bothered to learn his name although he’s been there for a while) and the show ends with him on the ground selling them like as if it was the most vicious attack ever in the history of mankind.

And if that wasn’t enough to confirm that WWE is headed towards darker days, Roman Reigns once again destroyed the League of Nations all by himself while confirming that Dean Ambrose has been reduced to being his bitch. With fans flipping from “He’s booked too strong”, to “He deserves it”, back to “He’s booked too strong”, I feel so called fans have no one to blame but themselves for the current state of WWE.

With the Slammys segments aside considering that they’re irrelevant to running storylines, this episode of Raw suffered from the same issues every other Reigns heavy Raw has. And without Vince to add some sort of distraction, we’re left to the awful fact that Stephanie can not carry the show on her own. Her interactions with Reigns are cringe worthy, and it seems like she can barely keep a straight face while spewing out some of the worst dialog imaginable. The entire show still revolves around Reigns, and it’s becoming more apparent that he is incapable of carrying that weight on his own. The show is slowly starting to crumble as WWE is beginning to become extremely comfortable with using super strong booking for him. But as we, true wrestling fans, become more aware of how willing people are to jump on the hate/love Reigns bandwagon when either opinion is popular, we can only place the blame on the beginning of the new reign of terror on them. If you’re an legitimate fan of Reigns, then enjoy the time he has with the title. But for everyone else, we have a new overly powered and never losing despite the odds character we have to sit through. AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CE…  Roman Reigns.