Well, hello there! If you’re currently subscribed to my blog, or you enjoy visiting it from time to time, then you’ve noticed that has become So instead of just making the minor change and moving forward, I felt I should give an explanation of the name change since it reflects my current view of professional wrestling. Because whether we want to admit it or not, WWE has reached a new low in entertainment value. And that definitely needs addressing.

First, let’s go back to why I started the site. There was a time in which WWE was a deep part of my childhood like every other fan that grew up during its 90’s run. But there was a time in which I completely stopped watching for years. To give to an idea of how big of a break I took until returning to it in 2013, Kurt Angle was in WWE’s version of ECW when I tuned out from their product. And aside from a few TNA episodes back when they were pay per view only, I watched nothing wrestling related.

I started watching WWE again after hearing more about how CM Punk finally became a top guy in the company. I tuned in to an entirely different show than the one I left in the earlier 2000’s, and discovered a few new favorites on the roster. I could go on and on about how I reconnected with WWE after such a huge break from it. I could also go on about how a new generation of superstars have taken things to the next level. But instead, I’ll just cut the sides out and go straight to the meat and potatoes. WWE is currently attempting to create John Cena 2.o, and everyone else on the roster is being completely wasted. And because of this, I’ve once again lost interest in their product.

I started as a way to chronicle my thoughts on WWE’s current product after returning to it. It was a blog geared towards, but not limited to, WWE’s brand of professional wrestling. But I’ve found myself wanting to discuss anything else but WWE’s current product lately. And judging by the massive drop in ratings, and the lack of interesting articles on other wrestling websites, it seems like there are a lot of people whom have given up on their product as well.

I’ve encountered a large amount of WWE fans that would rather just read an review of Raw and You Tube the interesting segments, than actually sit through the full three hours of the show. I’ve found myself either changing the channel eventually, or using my DVR to fast forward through the segments I’m not interested in. Long story short, I no longer have interest in watching WWE do with Roman Reigns exactly what they’ve done with Cena all the way down to squashing the League of Nations the same way John squashed Nexus.

So that left me in the awkward predicament of running a wrestling blog while having no interest in the biggest wrestling company in the world. So welcome to Nerdamania. My new blog will still cover wrestling, but I will focus more on other parts of nerd culture as well. And yes, wrestling is a part of nerd culture whether we want to admit it or not. So with Lucha Underground’s return right around the corner, I’ll have another source of wrestling along with WWE to cover. So while I’m not planning on completely avoiding coverage of Raw and WWE Network events, I plan on posting more non wrestling articles more often than before.

WWE, and especially Monday Night Raw, has played a part in the childhoods of many wrestling fans. But just like any other television show, or soap opera in this case, it has lost it’s appeal over years and years of being on air and running out of ideas. The current product is not for me. And instead of forcing myself to endure it on a weekly basis out of nostalgia, I’ll simply watch and write about their product when it delivers something worth watching and writing about. But in the mean time, I plan on focusing on actual good television and nerd media more often. Thank you of your support, and whatca gonna do when Nerdamania, and his Nerdamaniacs run wild on you!!!