David Bowie left behind an impressive body of work. His musical influence will live on forever, and his fearless approach to embracing the beauty of being different has touched the lives of many. Growing up as an awkward kid, I enjoyed the concept of Ziggy Stardust. The idea of being an alien from another planet inspired me to embrace my weirdness. As I grew older, his music remained a part of my life. But I didn’t appreciate how groundbreaking his music is until adulthood.

As a die hard fan of his work, I can not share all of my favorite songs from his four decade long career. But I can share a select few that have connected with me from over the years. The man who fell to earth has left it a little sadder when he ascended from it. And with eyes of tears, we look back at some of his best work that has inspired future artists.

David Bowie was a rock star. A genuine rock star. He embraced fame, but never felt the need to seek it out. People usually say that there will never be another person like the artist that passed away in cases like this. But the truth is it’s the only way to describe this loss. There really will never be another David Bowie. No one will force the music industry to be as innovative as he did. Because like the saying goes, “No matter what new thing any artist does, David Bowie did it first.”

We’ll see you on the other side Starman. Thank you.