News broke recently that Kevin Smith will direct a future episode of the hit show The Flash. But the most interesting part of the story is how Smith landed the director’s seat. On both his Fatman on Batman and Hollywood Babble-On podcasts, Smith shared how a reaction video to the season break finale scored him the position. Kevin Smith, who has his own YouTube channels dedicated to his podcast and live action broadcasts, posted a video of himself watching the finale. Being a huge fan of the show, he caught a serious case of “the feels” as the show ended on an emotional note leaving the “Clerks” and “Chasing Amy” director in tears in front of the camera. The video gained a positive response, and show off how much of a huge fan of the show Kevin is.

After the positive feedback from the video, Smith’s friend Jordan Monsanto, the wife of Jason Mewes (Jay from Clerks and Jay and Silent Bob), suggested that he should attempt to direct an episode. Smith dismissed the idea due to being such a huge fan of the show and wanting to enjoy it rather than being a part of it. But Jordan contacted Smith’s agent without his knowing and asked him to contact the showrunners behind the series on Kevin’s behalf. The Flash showrunners accepted the offer and set Kevin Smith up for a March shoot of the show without him ever having knowledge of scoring the director’s chair on one of his favorite shows currently on television.

With his years of directing experience aside, this is a basic nerd Cinderella story about a huge fan being a part of something he loves. Any geek can relate to loving something so much that it brings genuine emotions out of them. Kevin Smith is one of us, and he gets a chance to be involved in, and shape, the outcome of an episode of one of his favorite shows on television. And it all came to be because he showed so much emotion for The Flash season break finale. What a great story of how fandom can pay off in a big way. If you haven’t seen Kevin Smith crying his heart out, here’s the video below.