Two weeks ago, I decided that Monday Night Raw was not worth wasting three hours of my time on. Little did I know that tuning in to this week’s episode would convince me otherwise. With the in ring singles debut of AJ Styles, the return of The Rock, and all around solid in ring action throughout the night, I was glued to the television as three hours passed by unnoticed. But unfortunately, I later realized that the main reason the show was actually enjoyable was because of how limited the authority and Roman Reigns were during it. And that observation is kind of depressing when you think about it considering they’re both usually the focus point of the show.

The show kicked off with the authority by doing their usual “this gimmick has been outdated since the 90’s but we’re going to continue doing it anyway” stuff before introducing The Game. Triple H cut a promo that sort of blurred the lines of scripted television and reality to gain heat. After announcing that they’ve decided to randomly choose who would go on to Fastlane to compete for the number one contender slot against Triple H at Wrestlemania, we were left wondering who would be chosen to compete for the opportunity.

It’s obvious it will be Roman Reigns against Triple H at Wrestlemania. But my biggest issue with how the story is currently unfolding is not the predictability. We’ve become accustomed to WWE’s lack of originality. It’s how lazy the writing has become that is annoying about the whole storyline. It’s hard to believe that the authority would go though all of the trouble of screwing Reigns for weeks and finally succeeding in costing him the title just to book him in a match to become number one contender the next day. The laziness of not bothering to at least write a scenario in which he earns the shot, or at least playing off the idea that he should automatically get some sort of rematch for the title after losing it, is the one of the reasons why fans are growing tired of having to sit through the writing involving him. Because it’s hard to care about their product if the company doesn’t.

The show was saved when The Rock made an appearance and reminded WWE’s creative team that sometimes it’s best to let a superstar speak for themselves. Cutting a promo like only The Rock could, The Rock stole the show along with The New Day in the most entertaining moment of the night. But the biggest take away from the segment is that New Day can in fact hold themselves well against him.

This episode of Monday Night Raw lacked a lot of segments with Roman Reigns and the authority. But that’s fine considering that it was filled with decent matches, promises of a Goldust and R-Truth team up, AJ vs Y2J, and a Randy Savage impersonator getting over with the crowd faster than Reigns ever could. So sloppy and lazy writing in the main storyline aside, and Flo Rida segment ignored, the episode delivered enough to warrant tuning in to see what happens next week. Let’s just hope things don’t go down hill again. Who am I kidding? We all know it will.