Last night’s episode of The Flash saw the reintroduction of the Reverse Flash, and the end of Barry and Patty’s relationship. While the break up was first initiated in the previous episode, it came to an emotional conclusion in this episode as Barry came to terms with the fact that he doesn’t have the luxury of having a normal relationship. The people he love will always be in danger as long as he’s The Flash. So he makes the decision to let Patty leave to start her new life and follow her life long dream. But what Barry and Joe never expected was how good of a detective Patty actually is.

The idea of Patty figuring out that Barry Allen is The Flash by using detective work makes an incredible amount of sense. To be honest, I’m surprised we haven’t seen anything like it before. Sure, we’ve seen characters in the past on other shows figure out the identity of superheroes by process of elimination and educated guesses (Cat Grant figured out Supergirl’s secret identity), but we’ve never witness a character supply dates and records as evidence of their claim. So with her dead certain that Barry has been keeping his other life as a vigilante away from her, it only made it more heart breaking when he continued to deny it. While his intentions may have been well, the hurt in her eyes as she walked away was still hard to watch. But in the end, she did receive some closure as she tricked Barry in to revealing himself. And with a simple nod of acknowledgement, the two went their separate ways with both having a better understanding that it’s for the better. Superbly acted and brilliantly written, it was a beautiful conclusion to their love storyline.

Barry’s personal relationships, along with his relationship with the Reverse Flash, was the focus point of this episode. We learned more about what drives the Reverse Flash, and how his story has only begun. Barry learns a hard lesson about the threat his identity as The Flash bears on his loved ones. Even Iris and Wally struggled with their personal relationship with their dying mother. The episode did a great job in showing how complex the character interactions can be, and set the grounds for the Reverse Flash to become a lingering threat to Barry in the future. A solid episode from a show that knows how to bring compelling drama. I can’t wait to see what’s next for our favorite speedster. Because just like its title character, the show doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.