Imagine coming face to face with your younger self. Imagine seeing a version of yourself that has yet to experience the lessons you’ve learned throughout the years in between who you are today. And imagine if you completely disliked your younger self upon meeting them. And despite the distance in age and experiences, you realize that you’re still the unlikable douche standing in front of you. How would you react to that revelation? Well, that was the reality Martin Stein faced in this recent episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. The episode tackled the consequences of time travel heavily as Stein was given the opportunity to come face to face with his younger self in order to use a device he created in his youth to track down Vandal Savage. And while interacting with his past self, he inadvertently changed his own timeline in the process.

I found the idea of meeting our past selves interesting. Would you get along with yourself? Would you still find the issues your younger self believed to be huge at the time as important now as your older self? It’s questions and observations like those that I’m interested in seeing more of on this show. Of course, the show isn’t as interested in answering those questions as much as it is exploring how these characters will interact with Vandal Savage throughout time, but a show which deals with the premise of time travel will eventually have to address the rules and aftermath of changes eventually.

The Flash addressed the rules of time travel in its recent episode explaining how the Reverse Flash could still exist despite the fact that he will eventually continue the continuity of how he was eventually defeated in the first season. But that’s just time travel surrounding one man. What kind of implications can a motley crew consisting of heroes, villains, and a assassin have on time? We’ll have to wait and see. But if we’ve learned anything from Ray leaving behind a piece of technology, their affect on time and how things play out could be huge this season.

With the death of a team member, the discovery of Damien Darhk’s apparent immortality, and their early exposure to Vandal Savage, the two part pilot to Legends of Tomorrow set up a few interesting storylines that could result in a few changes to their timeline. The show kicked off to an intriguing start. And judging by The Flash, Arrow, and how the showrunners were even able to turn Supergirl around, we’re in for a crazy ride. I can’t wait to see what’s next for the team.

And off subject, has anyone else noticed that Arthur Darvill went from playing the companion of a British time traveler who steals a time machine and goes on adventures with companions, to being a British time traveler who steals a time machine and goes on adventures with companions? Just an observation.