News was recently released that a Flash/Supergirl crossover is officially in the works. And while The Flash is currently one of CW’s most watched shows at the moment, Supergirl is still growing its audience. The show had a rough start, (Article on improvements here) but the show has picked up a lot of momentum after a few weeks of trying to find its footing. But there are some comic fans that are missing out on the show due to its rocky beginning. If you’re a fan of both The Flash and Arrow, then you’re truly missing out on a similar show that is now officially part of the Arrowverse. The show is well worth a second glance, and is only going to get better over time. Here are seven reasons you should watch Supergirl.

7. Comic references

Supergirl is definitely guilty of name dropping characters from the Superman universe. The Man of Steel himself was mentioned an excessive amount of times in the first four episodes. But the show has strayed away from relying on name dropping Clark Kent as often in favor of embracing DC’s more extended universe. Opal City, home of Starman, was recently name dropped in conversation. And Hank Henshaw, Cyborg Superman’s real name, is used as a way to hide the identity of the Martian Manhunter. As the show continues, it’s finding clever ways to work in references in a more subtle manner. And with the show finally part of the Arrowverse, the references are sure to continue and become more frequent.

6. Obscure DC characters are used

With both Arrow and The Flash digging deep to introduce new villains, Supergirl has to dig deeper to give the Girl of Steel worthy and unused villains to throw down with. So far we’ve seen The Red Tornado, Bizarro, Live Wire, Non, Reactron, and Maxwell Lord. The appearances aren’t just limited to villains. J’onn J’onzz is also a recurring character on the show. Lucy and General Lane have also made appearances on the show. With the show continuing to introduce new characters, it’s only a matter of time before more heroes are added to the mix. If Opal City exist in this world, Starman himself could very well make an appearance. We’ll just have to wait and see what new characters are introduced, but the list of characters that we have never seen on television before to pull from is limitless.

5. Social issues

While comic book themed television shows are more focused on fun and character development, Supergirl goes the extra mile and sprinkles a little social commentary in to the mix. While the show’s original forced feminism may have pushed some viewers away, the show has dropped the “girl power” approach in order to flesh out the characters in a realistic way. However, the show has found a way to work social issues in to it without being too preachy and aggressive with it. In one episode in which Supergirl has to deal with the fact that her anger can frighten some due to how powerful she is, James Olsen made a comment about how he has to watch his anger as a black man due to how society would perceive him if he lost his temper. The comment wasn’t expected from a television show about an alien with superpowers, but blended well with the conversation they were having at the moment enough for the commentary to be both interesting and relevant.

Another example of Supergirl’s use of social issues is how Cat Grant uses feminism to comment on the world. While her first attempts at it were huge misses in the first few episodes of the show, she eventually cracked the code to being subtle and relevant with her commentary of other characters. A comic character referring to another as “The personification of white male privilege” is unheard of on television. But she’s not afraid to criticize and comment on anything that is relevant at the moment. While this might not be a selling point, it helps to make the show more unique in it’s own way. But speaking of Cat…

4. Cat Grant and Kara’s relationship

The first few episodes portray Grant as a “Devil wears prada” like boss. She’s very unlikable, and the way she treats Kara makes you want to see her throw Cat in to the sun and be done with her. But her character changes when Kara has had enough of her and loses her temper. Afterwards, Cat gains a little more respect for Kara. Their friendship grows after the two have to deal with Live Wire, whom at one point was Grant’s protege, and they actually become close friends. Her character grows from being a mean boss, to one of the funnest characters on the show. And her backstory is fleshed out well enough for the audience to get a great sense of who the character is behind the fame, and all that she had to sacrifice to get there. She might not have any superpowers, or unique talents outside of her business, but she is easily the most entertaining character on the show. And her legitimate, but complicated, relationship with Kara is well worth the watch.

3. The action 

Supergirl is not a great fighter on the level of Oliver Queen. However, her throw downs with superpowered villains are on an epic scale. No matter if she’s fighting the villain of the week, or punching it out with a Kryptonian above the city, her fights are incredible and heavy on the effects. The show has improved its action scenes. They’re far more engaging than earlier in the season, and seem to only get bigger during a finale as the season break finale has indicated.

2. The Arrowverse

As stated at the beginning, The Flash is officially going to make his way to National City. But although this will be the first time these characters meet, it definitely will not be the last. The Arrowverse door is now officially open to Supergirl. We can expect more crossovers in the future, and possibly a mini Justice League based group to form in at least one episode. Just imagine The Green Arrow, The Black Canary, The Flash, Supergirl, and The Martian Manhunter all together for an epic night. It could very well happen now, and that is definitely worth watching Supergirl build towards.

1. Supergirl

While timid and stereotypical at first, the title character has grown in to her own. Long gone are the days of unnecessary Superman comparisons. Supergirl is finally the star of her own show. The show has gone out of its way to develop her character based on her circumstances. Clark may have been a baby when their planet died, but Kara was a teenager with fresh memories of their home. Her memories of her home planet play a great deal in how the character is shaped. There is a feeling of loneliness and anger within her. She has to work harder to control her temper, and has almost made a few decisions that Superman would have never considered.

In the most recent episode, Supergirl and her team finally captured Maxwell Lord. And in a moment of anger, she decides to flat out kill him with her heat vision before her sister talks her out of it. That, along with threatening another villain with physical violence is unlike anything her cousin would even consider. She is not Superman, and it shows. Her character has become far more complicated than the person we were originally introduced to in the pilot. She carries the weight of being a survivor on her shoulders. And the more she learns about her parents, the more she feels truly alone. The character is very fleshed out, and extremely likable. The character, along with her struggle to process her past, is well worth watching.

Supergirl went from being a show that has so much potential, to being a show embracing that potential. Unfortunately, it’s awful beginning is the only thing fans of the Arrowverse currently judge this interesting show on. It’s a crime considering how far it has come since its premiere. But if you’re willing to give it another look before Barry makes his way on to the show, then it’s well worth another shot.