What happens when one of the most essential events in your lifetime is wiped out of existence? How would you be affected by something responsible for who you are today no longer having a bearing on you? Leonard Snart just experienced such an event when he wiped out a childhood of abuse from his own timeline. As Rip Hunter has explained before, time is like cement. It takes a while to become fixed. So there’s no telling how the change will affect Snart’s personality until later in the season. But the fact that his memories of his childhood were changed immediately after threatening his father suggest that the time change is already starting to affect his personality.

Time also has a way of correcting itself as well. Snart found a way to prevent his father from going to jail, but his timeline eventually fixed itself and everything played out exactly the same as his father was still arrested and abandoned him as a child. But despite the corrected timeline, the experience could still reflect in his character as the show goes on. Snart is a villain at heart. No matter what happens on the show, his past will always have a bearing his present. But that doesn’t mean he’s unable to change over time. I think we will eventually see Leonard Snart embrace sort of a gray area in the future due to the results of messing around with his own timeline. Whatever happens to Snart, including how the changes affected his sister, will be revealed in the future. Hopefully, we will see that explored later in this season.

Aside from Snart’s storyline, the rest of the episode seemed less interesting. Ray and Martin’s relationship grew stronger in a “man seeking approval from a father figure” kind of way, and Sara confronted her blood lust, but there was less weight behind the stories than Snart’s. The most interesting thing to come out of the episode aside from Snart’s side story is the revelation that Rip Hunter had tried to kill Vandal Savage once before. It seems like there’s more to that story than we know so far, and it seems like Rip also set his family’s death in motion by inadvertently revealing their names to Savage. The scene once again showed that whatever the team does in the past involving Savage will have severe consequences in the future.

Although it was the third episode of the series, “Blood Ties” felt more like the ending of a trilogy. The show spent three episodes in 1975 before moving on to another known appearance of Savage in a different time. While entertaining and action packed, the conclusion left a little to be desired. It wasn’t a bad ending, it was just an indication that the show is in desperate need of another villain other than Savage to go after. The series will grow stale if all of the focus is constantly on stopping one man. Sleepy Hollow has done a great job of introducing new threats while keeping the Headless Horseman at the forefront as the big baddie of the series. The same can be said about The Flash with how they’re currently handling Zoom. The show could learn a thing or two from that. Hopefully, the next episode will branch off from hunting down Savage in order to expand the series.

And now it’s time to address the elephant in the room. There are a lot of comparisons to Doctor Who being made by fans. And while the comparisons hold some weight, especially considering that one of its lead actors is famously known from the show, a lot of the story points being criticized actually fit in to comic book continuity rather than a rip off of the long running show. The character of Rip Hunter first appeared in 1959, predating the 1963  premier of Doctor Who by four years. That means Time Masters existed before Time Lords did. While there are obvious similarities to the point that even critics are referring to it as a mixture of Doctor Who and Guardians of the Galaxy, the similarities are very coincidental. There’s no way for the show to avoid the comparison. It’s even possible it may have taken inspiration from The Doctor. But the show is definitely not a rip off of Doctor Who, and fans shouldn’t write it off just yet. Legends of Tomorrow is barely getting started. Let’s give the show time to grow before we brand it a rip off and move on. Because if we’ve learned anything from The Flash, Arrow, and even Supergirl, shows change and evolve over time. And Legends of Tomorrow is all about time.