Barry, Cisco, and Wells traveled to Earth-2 on a rescue mission for Well’s daughter. But what Barry and Cisco found on the other side was the life they could have had if things were different for them. Barry is married to Iris, his mother is still alive, and his life is a lot simpler despite the dislike Joe and his doppelganger share for each other. Barry is truly happy in the shoes of his Earth-2 counterpart. Cisco, however, turned out a lot different on the other side. Taking on the name Reverb, Cisco of Earth-2 becomes a powerful and deadly supervillain with powers Earth-1 Cisco have yet to discover. While both Cisco and Barry’s curiosity for the new world grows deeper, Wells reminds them of how his world has very little effect on theirs in order to keep them focused on the task at hand. But that doesn’t make it any easier for the two of them to ignore how their lives turned out under different circumstances.

The episode itself focused more on their alternative lives on Earth-2 than the team actually building a plan to stop Zoom. Caitlin and Ronnie are Killer Frost and Deathstorm, Leonard Snart is mayor of Central City, Joe is a musician, and Iris became a police officer instead of her father. But the contrast between the two worlds weren’t the only thing addressed within the episode. While traveling through to Earth-2, we’re shown our first glimpse of Supergirl; which officially sets the crossover up as Supergirl existing in an alternate universe Barry will eventually cross over to.

Speaking of Supergirl, the episode was heavy on Easter eggs. The Girl of Steel was one of many. Hal Jordan, Batman, and Wonder Woman’s names can be seen on Barry’s phone, and the vortex also contained a scene from the original 90’s Flash television show. I’m assuming that means 90’s Flash could also be considered another earth among the ones that already exist. It was a great way to pay homage to the show that paved the way to The Flash series we have today.

The trip to Earth-2 answered a few questions along the way. We may not know who Zoom is, but now we know which characters to eliminate. Barry, Cisco, Ronnie, and Joe can officially be eliminated from the list. But there’s still the possibility that Wally West, Eddie Thawne, and Henry Allen could be the the evil speedster. I’m leaning towards Henry considering that this episode made very little mention of his doppelganger on Earth-2, but invested more in to letting the audience know that Barry’s mother is alive and well. Not mentioning Henry much is kind of odd unless there’s a reason that will be left to discover in the next episode.

Speaking of Barry’s mother, it was heartbreaking to watch him have a conversation with her. It was perhaps the most touching scene in the show so far. He got a chance to see her once before when he traveled back in time with hopes of saving her, but his encounter with her on Earth-2 was more personal. Barry got a chance to speak to a version of his mom that lived a normal and full life. She’s older, and still keeps in touch with the other version of him. But what made the scene heartbreaking is the fact that it’s not Barry’s world. He will eventually have to return to his and leave behind the happiness he felt at that moment.

With Barry captured and held prisoner by Zoom, Earth-2’s Barry Allen will join Cisco and Wells next episode to save his Earth-1 counterpart. I’m looking forward to seeing more of who Barry Allen of Earth-2 is as a person. The cast did a great job of playing versions of their character that seemed familiar, but completely different at the same time. Candice Patton’s Iris was portrayed completely different from the character we’re familiar with. Her fierceness and ability to take charge in any situation indicates that she is the dominant one in her relationship with Grant Gustin’s awkward and spazzy interpretation of Barry. I can’t wait to see how the two interact with each other next episode. There’s also the questions of how Iris will deal with the death of Joe, and what effect did Reverb leave on Cisco after seeing what he could have become. The team behind The Flash delivered another great episode this week. I can’t wait to see how things play out in Escape From Earth-2.