With Deadpool reaching 260.2 million dollars worldwide during its first weekend, it’s safe to say that the film is an absolute hit for Ryan Reynolds. He brought the character to life like only he could, and proved that he is perfect for the role. However, Deadpool is also perfect for Ryan Reynolds. In what will surely turn out to be a much needed career resurrecting role, Reynolds turned out an amazing performance in a film that will surely change the way comic book films are viewed from a studio standpoint. And thanks to the Merc with a Mouth, Reynolds is once again at the forefront of attention in Hollywood. Reynolds may have brought the character to life, but let’s look at how the character has brought his career back to life. Here are five reasons why the role of Deadpool is perfect for Ryan Reynolds.

5. Deadpool chose Reynolds himself

There is a huge difference between fans fantasy casting an actor in a comic role, and a comic book character referencing an actor himself. Deadpool famously described his looks as similar to Ryan Reynolds before Reynolds ever considered putting on the red mask. Just one random comment was all it took for fans to analyze it as perfect casting in a feature length film. Reynolds, whom is also a Deadpool comic fan, saw the comment and decided to campaign for a live action film.

The comment not only lit the fire in Reynolds to get a film made, it also solidified him as the face of the character with fans years before he would eventually grace the screen as Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. As far as fans are concerned, Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool. And not casting him as the character would be as ridiculous as not casting Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury while using the Ultimate version of the character on screen. So thanks to Deadpool, Ryan was the front-runner for the character before a film was even yet discussed.


4. The film shows off his range as an actor

Ryan Reynolds is not new to being involved with a comic book property. Mostly remembered for his turn as the Green Lantern along with his portrayal of the botched version of Deadpool, Reynolds has also starred in the forgotten Blade: Trinity and R.I.P.D. But despite having a few failures when it comes to comic book adaptations, Reynolds is an extraordinary actor. Movies like “Buried” displayed his remarkable talent on screen, but the other roles he’s received that are strong enough to show off his range are few and far between.

Deadpool is a complicated character with a somewhat simple backstory. Despite being a comedic character, his tragic origin story revolves around him being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Ryan was able to nail all of the funny moments of the film while also delivering a moving performance as a man in love whom is also dealing with his eventual demise. The film had a few serious moments that he absolutely nailed effortlessly. He brought life to the character, and proved that he could deliver an incredible performance if the writing is strong enough. He also showed off his ability to ad lib at any moment if necessary.

Ryan Reynolds’ acting talent is on full display in one of the biggest films of the year. Receiving his first major block buster hit,  a lot of studio eyes will definitely be on the leading man after seeing the success of the Merc with a Mouth.

3. Deadpool is getting Reynolds more attention

As stated in number four, studios will now have their eyes on Reynolds after his performance in Deadpool. But the exposure due to the film is larger than just studio executives. Deadpool, as a character, has become very popular as of late. From clothing, video games, and other merchandise, there’s no avoiding Wade Wilson. Attending any comic book convention without seeing at least ten to fifteen Deadpool cosplayers is nearly impossible. So the timing for a Deadpool film to release is perfect. The movie was already in high demand. And with so much exposure to the point that even non comic book fans are aware of the once obscure character, Reynolds can’t help but be sucked in to the Deadpool craze as the media covers the film.

For the first time in years, Reynolds is being widely discussed in the mainstream media. The exposure is very similar to the way Robert Downey Jr. was discussed and eventually sought after once his performance in Iron Man was praised. Reynolds has released at least two films per year after his performance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. That is a long list of films that have gained very little, to no attention. Deadpool single-handedly gained Ryan Reynolds more buzz than he has had in years, and revitalized his career as a top leading man.

2. Deadpool will give Reynolds a franchise

There were plans for a sequel being discussed even during the filming of the first film. Fox wants, and desperately needs, another comic book franchise after their failed attempt to reboot the Fantastic Four. With a budget of 58 million with a 260.2 million return within it’s first weekend, it’s safe to say that Fox is planning on keeping the character around of a while. So that means Reynolds will have his very first franchise film series. A rated R series could do wonders for him in the long run. If you look at how the Marvel cinematic universe has brought a lot of attention to stars that may not have gained as much without their comic book roles, it’s easy to imagine what a Deadpool franchise could do for Reynolds’ career in the long run.

1. It’s a passion project

As stated before, Ryan Reynolds is a big fan of the character. He actively pushed for the film to be made for more than a decade before it actually made it on to the big screen. He even admitted to taking the role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine in hopes that the film might help a proper Deadpool movie get off the ground in the future. But after no success, a video of test footage was “mysteriously” leaked online, which gained a lot of attention from fans. With Fox finally realizing that there is an audience for the character, we finally received the Deadpool film fans were asking for.

The sheer dedication Reynolds displayed in getting the film made can not be ignored. I wouldn’t be surprised if he, or the director, were behind the leaked footage. But when you’re passionate about something and people respond to it positively, it can feel extremely rewarding afterwards. Deadpool is a hit, Ryan Reynolds has a passion for it, and Fox wants to make it in to a franchise. Everyone is happy, and Deadpool fans win in the end.

Deadpool’s first official film was great. It had everything a die hard fan could ask for, and is a great introduction to the character for newcomers. But as much as Wade Wilson needed Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Reynolds needed Wade Wilson. Reynolds is perfect for the role. And his passion for the character, his acting ability, and comedic timing is on full display for the world to see. The Merc with a Mouth is finally on the big screen. And while the wait was extremely long, the end result was well worth it.