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Ambrose/ Stephanie McMahon

Dean Ambrose is selling that Triple Threat. There is a reason why he’s been given so much mic time, away from Reigns. The Lunatic Fringe brings something new to a feud we’ve already seen.

Stephanie, setting up Dean to lose his IC Title was expected. After all, Ambrose is so caught up in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship situation that the Intercontinental Championship is suffering. If it was to be used at Fastlane, the WWE needed to strip Ambrose from it.

Owens def. Ambrose, Ziggler, Stardust & Tyler Breeze

Ambrose lost his IC title the same way he lost his US Championship. A bigger storyline cost him his reign both times and the way to go was through an overcrowded match, set up by the Authority. It was the right decision for the championship but not for Ambrose’s character because I can’t see him winning on Sunday…

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