Last night’s episode of The Flash was simple and straight to the point. Team Flash embarked on a rescue mission to save Barry and Harrison Wells’ daughter, Jesse. Tracking down Killer Frost, and eventually persuading her to lead them to Zoom’s lair, team Flash was able to save both Barry and Jesse before realizing it was a trap all along. Killer Frost has a change of heart after playing her part in the trap, and help the group escape back to Earth-1. But everything doesn’t go quite as planned as Jay Garrick is seemingly killed and pulled in to Earth-2 before the vortex closes, leaving the team horrified by his death. But as clear as the final moments seem, I have a feeling that there is more to it than what we’re aware of at the moment. And I think the mystery man in the mask still trapped in Zoom’s lair will be revealed as someone extremely important to Barry.

I have a crazy theory about the mystery man without any evidence to support it. I honestly believe that either Jay Garrick, or the mystery man, is actually the Reverse Flash. As crazy as that may seem, it makes a lot of sense once you factor in the time travel element. First, lets analyze the holding cell he was in. While Jesse was placed in a simple cell made to hold a normal person, both Barry and the mystery man were placed in holding cells made specifically to hold speedsters with a different frequency than his world. Which means, Zoom must have chosen the holding cell for him specifically due to the mystery man having access to the speed force. And if we’ve learned anything from Zoom so far, it’s that he doesn’t keep people alive if they’re of no use to him. So Zoom would only keep him alive if there was a benefit to it, like stealing his speed.

So far, we know that the mystery man is most likely a speedster with blonde hair judging by the close up hint that the camera gave us. And he also used a code to spell the name “Jay” out. The concept of the Reverse Flash accidentally traveling to Earth-2 and being taken hostage by Zoom makes sense. But my other theory is that he could very well be the real Jay Garrick, and the version we’ve seen so far could be the Reverse Flash in disguise secretly using Caitlin to gain his speed force powers in the first place. Reverse Flash has the technology to change his appearance. It would make sense that Zoom would have the real Jay held hostage while the Reverse Flash pretends to be him.

Reverse Flash is from a time where The Flash is already gone and has probably been dead for a long time. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has introduced the idea of time travel without the speed force. Therefore, we could very well be witnessing the origin of the Reverse Flash. Granted there are a few time issues involved with Reverse Flash not knowing who Barry is during their recent meeting, but that could be explained by it somehow dealing with his life being a fixed point in time after the events of the first season. Time travel is complex, and I feel that it could be explained if my theory turns out to be true.

As far as Jay’s apparent death goes, the velocity 9 in his system kick started his body’s healing process. From what we’ve seen from Barry, his body could heal from the damage if Zoom doesn’t finish him off for good. If his healing factor is still working properly, he may survive. So we may not have seen the last of Jay Garrick. But I can’t help but feel that Barry will eventually inadvertently aide his arch enemy somehow in the future. Whether he will go back to save the mystery man and realize that he saved the Reverse Flash, or help Jay stabilize his speed force and realize that team Flash is responsible for creating the Reverse Flash in the first place, I have a feeling things will play out for the worse for Barry. We’ll have to wait and see how things play out, but I’m expecting the identity of the mystery man to shock us all.