The identity of Zoom has finally been revealed, and we all feel like idiots for not seeing it coming! Hunter Zolomon, the Earth-1 version of Jay Garrick, was Zoom all along. And despite Jay’s doppelganger sporting Zoom’s actual name from the comic books, we never considered the possibility that the guy Jay and Caitlin spotted sitting on a bench could actually be the ruthless Zoom. After guessing and eliminating potential suspects for months, Hunter Zolomon revealed himself without hesitation in the final episode of The Flash until it returns later in March. And our minds are blown!

The episode before a one month break left us with unanswered questions. How did Hunter gain his powers? Who is the man in the mask still being held captive by Zoom? And is Jay Garrick actually dead, or did he survive somehow considering Zoom kept his body? This episode of The Flash dropped a bomb in the last few seconds of it, and then dropped the mic as it decided to leave us waiting and wanting more.

But aside from the shocker of an ending to the episode, the second big surprise is how well King Shark looked in action. We got a taste of him earlier in the season, but we were given a chance to see how incredibly detailed he looks despite being on a television budget. Storywise, the episode was very basic with his backstory and motivation being kept simple. So there was more focus on action involving his character than an actual story, which is fine considering that there were other storylines in play to add a sense of drama to balance everything out. But considering how expensive it is for the show to create King Shark, it was great seeing him in a lot of footage this time around.

As for the drama displayed in the episode, I found the story involving Wally’s jealousy of Barry to be a little annoying. As much as it makes sense for Wally to have some sort of negative feelings towards Barry over Joe raising him, it furthered the image of Wally being an annoying character that adds nothing to the story other than eye rolling moments. After showing up unannounced to Joe’s house and deciding to be a douche about Joe not knowing he existed, he continued street racing against Joe’s wishes, had to be begged by Iris to see his dying mother, and now he needed some sort of reassurance from Joe in order to end his insecure behavior towards Barry. Yeah, why should we care about this character again? Perhaps finding out Barry is The Flash in the future will help remedy his character’s issues after learning that there are bigger problems Barry, Joe, and Iris have to deal with other than his feelings. Or maybe that might cause him to throw another fit. Who knows. After all, he didn’t let a giant walking shark attacking his new home stop him from being a douche to Barry afterwards.

Cisco and Caitlin had their own storyline going on as well. It was a much simpler one dealing with how Caitlin was processing Jay’s apparent death. Fearing that losing two people she’s fallen in love with will result in her turning in to Killer Frost, Cisco goes out of his way to make sure that doesn’t happen. But the lesson learned at the end of the day is that Caitlin is not the person Killer Frost was before turning in to a murderous metahuman. She assures him that she would never be capable of turning in to such a person. But I’m wondering if Caitlin turning in to Killer Frost was the only thing Cisco feared. I personally believe that he fears turning in to Reverb, and seeing Caitlin showing signs similar to Killer Frost frightened him a little as it seemed like a change in to something similar to their Earth-2 counterparts was a possibility.

While not having much to push the arching story along aside from Barry making it known that he’s not done with Zoom yet and the identity of Zoom revealed, the episode was still entertaining in its own way. It set things up very nicely for the final stretch of the season, and gave us more to think about as far as the story surrounding Zoom. We’ll have to wait to see how things play out next month, but this episode set the stage for what will surely be a build to an incredible showdown in the upcoming later stretch of the season.