Sony just released their new trailer for the Ghostbusters reboot, and it confirmed all of the fears of the reboot’s naysayers. The reboot will add nothing of substance to the franchise while possibly becoming just another wasted opportunity. While a lot of fans of the original Ghostbusters have been criticized and categorized as misogynist for not jumping on the new film’s bandwagon despite not having an issue with the casting, there is no denying that this film would have served better as a sequel to the original series rather than a reboot. I shared some of my thoughts on how this film could have worked as an extended part of the original franchise here.  And judging by how the trailer for the remake mentions the original, it inadvertently proves how unnecessary a reboot is.

In a weird way, the trailer purposely opens discussing the original films as if it is a continuation of the story rather than a reboot. This is very misleading for fans unaware that they will have to endure another origin story about unfamiliar characters instead. The decision comes off like a bait and switch tactic for fans unfamiliar with the new film being a reboot, and paints itself as lesser than for fans aware that it is a new franchise. While the film might release to a great deal of success regardless of anyone’s opinion, I have to share my honest thoughts on the trailer despite my opinion not being a popular one. And my thoughts on the trailer so far is that the film looks absolutely awful.

I hate everything about this film. From the outfits, the vehicles, the overuse of special effects to mask the stale comedy, and the all around feel to the film, it all seems lesser than and more on par with Melisssa McCarthy’s other forgettable films such as Tammy but with special effects and a big budget. And the jokes are absolutely cringe worthy. The kind of cringe that gives you an uncomfortable feeling of impending doom once critics get their hands on the film. And after watching the trailer twice with an open mind the first time, I disliked it even more the second go. I’ve stated before that I would have been fine with the same cast in a sequel over a reboot, but not with these joke. Not… with… these… jokes.

So now that we’ve seen the tone of the film, all we can do is wait for another trailer that hopefully shines a better light on it. We can’t always judge a movie by it’s trailer. Dredd’s artsy trailer did nothing to sell the incredibly violent and comic accurate portrayal of the character, and there are plenty of examples of a trailer making an awful film look far better than the finished result. But so far, the trailer took away any optimism I had that the film would be more than just a useless money grab with a tacked on gimmick of an all female cast. It’s a shame that such great actresses capable of launching their own new franchise will have to deal with the backlash of an unnecessary reboot of a property that still sells a ton of merchandise inspired by the original films. maybe it might become a huge hit and not another forgotten reboot. But my opinion so far is that it looks like it might turn out to be the latter rather than the former.