Last night’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow was filled with character development and story expansion. With the introduction of time pirates in to the series, along with a more in depth look in to the training and rules of Time Masters, the series has expanded past it’s original premise and has begun to build it’s own science fiction universe that no longer has to completely rely on the Arrowverse. Legends of tomorrow is finally ready to embrace the science fiction world building needed to pull the show away from just being a spin-off, and closer to a show that can gain it’s own cult following similar to Firefly. So with the introduction of a bigger universe than what we’ve seen before, the stories the series could tell are limitless.

The episode picks up around two weeks after the previous one. Mick is extremely upset with Snart dragging him away from the year 2046 without his permission. This causes an uneasy feeling with Sara and a few other members of the group as Mick becomes more distant and confrontational. After receiving a distress call from another Time Master, Rip leaves Snart, Sara, Kendra, and Ray behind on the Waverider as he investigates the request with the rest of the team. After realizing it was a trap all along orchestrated by time pirates, Hunter engages in a mental game of chess with their leader in order to save himself and his crew. But his stalling tactics are ended when Mick betrays the rest of the team by helping the pirates board the Waverider in exchange for a chance to go home.

During Rip’s covert controlling of the Waverider through key phrases that control its actions, it’s damaged during the battle. Snart and Sara attempt to patch the damage as best as possible, but end up trapped and freezing instead. Ray and Kendra work together to patch up the damage from the outside in hopes of freeing Snart and Sara. Running low on oxygen in his Atom suit, Ray eventually pass out in space after making the repairs and freeing both Sara and Snart. Kendra finds a way to get him inside the ship, and the two share a kiss later in the episode after enduring the events of the day.

Heat Wave leads the pirates on to the Waverider and all hell breaks loose as the team fight to defend the ship. After it’s all said and done, and the pirates have been thwarted, Snart is faced with the question of how to deal with Mick afterwards. After a few ideas are tossed around, Snart faces the inevitable and decides to take Mick out once and of all. Before Mick is killed by Snart, he brings up a story Snart shared with Sara earlier about Mick saving him when they were younger. He states that Snart is the same weak kid he met back then, and warns that only one of them will walk away tonight. Feeling that his hand is forced, Snart kills his best friend in an emotional end the episode.

Although it’s hard for me to believe that a sixty-year old Martin Stein can kick the crap out of a time pirate in a fist fight, it’s excusable considering the show’s premise isn’t grounded in reality. But other than that particular moment sticking out like a sore thumb, the entire episode delivered in the type of entertainment that science fiction fans crave. The last two episodes have clearly shown that the show is finally finding itself and embracing all of its potential and expanding from being just another superhero show thrown in to the crowded mix of comic adaptations currently on television. There’s a certain excitement to it that hasn’t been seen on television in a long time for science fiction fans. And despite barely finding it’s footing, the show seems like it will only get better over time. So if you’re still on the fence with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, there is a possibility that the show will eventually win you over if it continue down the path it’s currently taking.