The trailer for the Ghostbusters reboot was released last week, and was met with an overwhelming negative reaction. But despite most of the criticism being targeted at the trailer itself, a small percentage of fans are still upset about the casting of female leads in the film. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, sexist, homophobic, and racists opinions are frowned upon and considered idiotic by most. The percentage of people usually involved in such thoughts are normally not die hard fans of the film or product to begin with. For example, Star Wars made a killing at the box office despite the vow from certain racist “fans” to boycott the film. True Star Wars fans were willing to flock to see Episode II after sitting through Episode I. We’re devoted to what we love even if we know it’s awful, and could care less about one of the leads being black. But the news of how a group of people, whom were probably not actual fans, reacted to the casting was all people could talk about. And just like Star Wars, that same group is gaining the most attention with their reaction to the trailer.

There is a lot to dislike about the new film. But it seems like misogynist have taken the spotlight, and disliking the trailer for its own failings is unjustly viewed as being a part of that group. Reviewers have to openly state that their opinion on the trailer has nothing to do with the casting of female leads in order to avoid a negative reaction. But if you disliked the trailer for what it delivered, then you shouldn’t have to defend yourself from being labeled a misogynist. Because there is a lot to dislike about both the trailer, and the direction of the film. So here are five legitimate reasons to dislike the new Ghostbusters reboot.

5. The film has no confidence

A remake, or reboot, is usually a different take on the characters and world of the original film. It stands on its own as a new film with elements of the original. But the trailer for the reboot of Ghostbusters immediately mentions the original film before we’re even introduced to the new characters. For a film that has continued to spawn merchandise from comics, cartoons, toys, clothing, and even a video game decades after it’s release, it’s safe to say that the original Ghostbusters has not lost its popularity. So mentioning the original in a reboot that has nothing to do with it storywise is like the studio is admitting that the reboot can not stand on its own, and is just an attempt to cash in on one of their older and popular properties.

The fact that this film is being considered the first of a new Ghostbusters universe is enough to show that it only exist for the sake of cashing in on the Ghostbusters name. Although there are a lot of comics and cartoons based on the property, there is absolutely no reason to create a universe around the film. This is a new trend studios are trying out. Both Transformers and GI Joe are currently in the process of doing the same thing. Sony Pictures doesn’t care that Marvel studios actually has an extended universe to pull from. They simply want the same type of money Marvel is bringing in, and is using one of their popular properties to do so. There are plenty of spin off comics to use as source material. There’s even the Extreme Ghostbusters show to draw inspiration from. But this film isn’t about adding elements from a somewhat extended universe in to it. It’s all about making money. Fast and quick money. And it’s not ashamed to piggy back off the original to do so.

4. It exist solely for merchandise

Speaking of it being a cash grab, there’s a reason why it’s a reboot instead of a sequel. The original film still sells a lot of merchandise, and will continue to sell regardless of the reboot. So the reboot is trying to capitalize off the Ghostbusters name and make more of a profit by creating new merchandise to sell as well. Except their merchandise will be more mainstream such as new toys instead. Everything about the trailer screams merchandising. New created characters? Toys. New outfits? Toys. New Ecto-1 and new motorcycle? Toys. New personalized equipment such as pistols and knuckles for punching ghost? Toys. The new film doesn’t have a new story to tell, it just has new products to sell.

3. Bad first impression

If you’re not a fan of the new film because of the trailer, it means that you’re well aware of how bad of a first impression it made. After watching a few reactions to the trailer, I noticed that every negative reaction was exactly the same as mine. It starts off with the original Ghostbusters mention that left me a little confused at first. But then the new footage kicks in, and it looks fun. But then my enthusiasm slowly leaves as the trailer goes on, and all that was left after watching a ghost get slapped out of Melissa McCarthy was a feeling of disappointment over the inevitability that it will be just as bad as we all imagined. We could all be wrong and the film could turn out to be hilarious. But after so much negative backlash for the casting, you’d think the studio would release an incredibly funny trailer to silence the naysayers. So with that in mind, along with the fact that it gave away a complete side story of McCarthy being possessed along with the resolve of that story makes me wonder if the trailer actually was the best they could do. If so, then it’s a shame.

If you had the same reaction when watching the trailer, then you’re not alone. Watch as both Angry Joe and Bogie2988, two well known YouTubers, slowly lose optimism as the trailer plays on.


2. Melissa McCarthy is in it

I don’t have to spend a lot of time on this  subject. We’re all aware that McCarthy has had more misses than hits. She usually plays the same character, and that character has overstayed her welcome. We haven’t seen enough of her yet to give a proper assessment of her performance, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if she brings nothing of substance to the film. Some fans are assuming that Leslie Jones will be the weakest link after her over the top performance at the end of the trailer. But I’ve seen enough of her to know that she can deliver if given a good script to work with. So if I was a betting man, I’d put my money on McCarthy once again playing a similar character and continuing to inspire the “Well, she was good in Bridesmaids” comment people throw out after every bad performance she delivers.

1. The writing

The biggest reason to dislike the reboot is the writing. Not only does it fail to add anything new to the series, it fails to deliver anything funny as far as the trailer shows. Trailers for comedies usually walk a fine line between showing some of their best material and not showing too much. If this is some of their best material, then the film is in trouble. I’m pretty sure it will deliver some huge laughs. But so far, it’s not looking good. The original Ghostbusters not only delivered in great scripted humor, Bill Murray improvised a ridiculous amount of classic moments on his own. The reboot’s trailer did not possess one quotable line. And that alone is enough to cause worry.

Although there are legitimate reasons to dislike the film even before its release, there are at least two reasons to look forward to it. Fans of Ghostbusters will get more Ghostbusters related stuff in the future, and Kate McKinnon’s character will easily become one of the most cosplayed characters of the year afterwards. And if it turns out that the trailer was just an awful representation of the film, then I’d be more than happy to eat my words. And I’m hoping it does deliver. Because we could use another Ghostbusters film if done right. The nostalgia is still there. But if you disliked the trailer, you have good reason to. And it says a lot for Sony if a fan edited version of the trailer that simply removed all of the issues the official one has is gaining more praise.